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Petroleum 2011

04-06 October 2011. Organized by ITE Group Plc
Location: Russia Krasnodar
Date: 10/4/2011

Organizer: ITE Group Plc
Tel: 00495 935 73 50
Fax: 00495 935 73 51

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PETROLEUM, the International Exhibition of Oil Equipment, will take place within the industrial forum IDES, Infrastructure Development of the South of Russia, in Krasnodar on 4-6 October 2011.


The fuel and energy industry is one of the main components of the manufacturing sector of the Krasnodar Region’s economy. It includes more than 300 businesses, which account for over 25% of output in the Kuban. Eight seaports are open for international traffic, including Russia’s largest port, Novorossiysk, and the port of Tuapse, which ranks third in the country in terms of the volume of cargo it handles.

The oil and gas sector is a key part of the Krasnodar Region’s fuel and energy industry, comprising companies engaged in oil and gas production, oil refining and petroleum product supply.

The oil and gas production industry

During the active exploitation of the fields in the Krasnodar Region, about 230 million tons of oil and 400 billion cubic metres of gas have been produced. The main objective of policy in the oil industry is increasing hydrocarbon production by implementing measures for the prospecting and exploration of new fields in the region. To achieve the objectives, programmes have been adopted and implemented in the Krasnodar Region, the result of which has been the licensing of at least 50 subsurface sites, with estimated hydrocarbon resources of about 180 million tons of equivalent fuel, and 117.3 million rubles from the regional budget has been allocated for this.

The PETROLEUM SOUTH RUSSIA oil and gas exhibition will demonstrate modern methods for increasing oil recovery and hardware for drilling.

PETROLEUM SOUTH RUSSIA is an effective platform for business communication between oil and gas professionals, launching new projects and keeping abreast of global trends and development prospects in the industry.

The oil refining industry

The Krasnodar Region’s oil refining industry is represented by five companies, including three major ones: RN-Tuapse Refinery, Afipsky Refinery and Krasnodar Petroleum Refinery - Krasnodarekoneft. The volume of primary oil refining in the region is about 11 million tons.

Industry prospects and and goals:

• The strategic goal of the industry is to increase the volume of oil refining in the Krasnodar Region and improve product quality.
• The transportation and processing of oil and gas, and raw hydrocarbons, and the development of equipment and modern production facilities are priority areas for development.
• By 2015, the volume of transportation of oil and petroleum products should be increased to 140 million tons.
• The main goal of the industry is the modernisation of the existing oil refineries in the region, to increase their capacity and the complete processing of raw hydrocarbons, which will enable high-quality motor fuels and oils that meet international standards to be produced.

The PETROLEUM SOUTH RUSSIA oil exhibition will help address these goals. An important part of the exhibition is devoted to technologies for the reconstruction and modernisation of refineries, oil transportation and petroleum product storage facilities, and equipment for the processing of oil and gas.

The PETROLEUM SOUTH RUSSIA oil exhibition is an opportunity for the world’s leading manufacturers to present oil refining equipment to industry professionals, establish direct trade relations and achieve their marketing goals.

Petroleum product supply

In the Krasnodar Rregion, there are about 875 commercial petrol stations, in addition to about 180 petrol stations operated by industrial, agricultural and transport businesses for their own use. Major cities account for the main concentration of petrol stations. Over 70% of petrol stations are small and medium-sized businesses. The capacity of the region’s petroleum products market is about 3,500,000 tons, which corresponds to the level of 2008. In connection with this, a strategic goal is to meet the demand for petroleum products and orientate the industry’s investment potential to improving the quality service provided. For these purposes, projects to build petrol stations stations of an Olympic format are being implemented in the region. The PETROLEUM SOUTH RUSSIA petrol station exhibition meets the needs of the region, demonstrating the full range of equipment for petrol stations, and offering services for the design, construction and modernisation of petrol stations. At PETROLEUM SOUTH RUSSIA a lot of attention will be given to modern systems of communication and payment, computer support, petrol quality control devices and much more.

Recently, there has been increased interest in the Krasnodar Region due to the large-scale construction for the 2014 Olympics. Consequently, there is a need to improve the power supply and uninterrupted supply of fuel and other refined products for industrial and construction sites.

The purpose of the PETROLEUM oil equipment exhibition is to help establish mutually beneficial cooperation between oil producing and oil refining companies, and demonstrate the latest equipment and technologies for petrol stations.


Equipment and technologies for oil and petroleum product transportation and storage

• Integrated design and construction of oil and petroleum product transport and storage facilities, railway loading/unloading racks, sea terminals, oil handling terminals, tank farms and petrol stations
• Reconstruction and modernisation of oil and petroleum product transportation and storage facilities
• Pipeline and valve fittings, and pipeline connectors
• Tanks, containers, bowsers and tankers for transporting and storing oil and petroleum products
• Equipment for heating and handling oil and petroleum products
• Gauges for measuring the level of oil and petroleum products
• Shipping of oil from oil loading terminals of port petroleum storage depots
• Transloading (shipping) of oil and petroleum products from rail to sea transport
• Anti-corrosion coating of oil and petroleum product transportation and storage systems
• Transport and logistics services

Processing of oil and petroleum products

• Construction of facilities for the oil and refining industry
• Reconstruction and modernisation of refineries and petrochemical plants
• Equipment and technologies for the processing of oil and petroleum products
• Control and measuring instruments and means of automation
• Research and development
• Materials, equipment, devices and means of automation and telemetry for the petrochemical industry. Information support.
• Industrial non-destructive testing, and control and measuring equipment
• Laboratory equipment, furniture, devices, glassware, instruments and consumables
• Petroleum products, petrol, diesel fuel, natural gas, oil and grease. Petrochemical products

Petrol stations: equipment and construction

• Design, construction and modernisation of petrol stations on a turn-key basis
• Construction of storage tanks, and awnings for petrol stations
• Petrol station technologies, construction, equipment and maintenance: filling stations, fuel tankers and control panels
• Petrol nozzles and valves, hoses for fuel tankers and petrol pumps, pumps, filters for removing impurities, petrol quality control devices
• Computer support for petrol stations, and modern communication and payment systems
• Advertising and lighting design for petrol stations Environmental, fire and industrial safety in the fuel and energy industry. Specialised sector “Oil Spill Control”

• Equipment and technologies for the neutralisation, processing, utilisation and regeneration of collected oil, petroleum products and waste sorbents
• Equipment and tools for the localisation, collection and elimination of oil and petroleum product spills
• Restoration of areas from oil spills and hazardous waste
• Equipment for cleaning tanks and rail containers, and for removing oil residues from ships and onshore storage facilities
• Drilling sludge disposal methods. Decontamination plants for drilling and oil sludge
• Integrated systems for fire detection, and gas contamination, fire fighting and territorial control. Fireproof materials and structures
• Environmental monitoring of facilities and areas, and assessment of natural and industrial hazards
• Environmental impact asssessment and audit
• Education and training

Special clothing, special footwear and personal protective equipment

• Special clothing and special footwear for workers in different industry sectors, and materials and technologies for their production
• Personal protective equipment and special equipment
• Fabrics, technical textiles and non-woven materials. Technologies and accessories for the production and finishing of professional clothing.

4-6 October 2011 we invite you to join gas exhibition GAS RUSSIA 2011!

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