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Laser Materials Processing Engineer (Metallurgy and Materials Science)

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Education: 6
Experience: 16 years
Relocation: Yes - Internationally

Industry Experience
16 years Engineering
0 years Asset Portfolio Management

Career Objective

TO work for an industry and to teach how to use laser for materials processing jobs

Professional Experience

(a)National Laser Centre: CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa (July 2005- June 2006)
At the National Laser Centre I worked on the laser welding of aluminium alloys. The objective of the work was to evaluate the extent to which laser welding would improve the mechanical properties of aluminium castings. Microstructure and hardness of the welds was studied. The welds were tested for tensile strength.
(b) Dept. of Mechanical, Aerospace and Manufacturing Engineering (July 2001 – September 2002)
The project concerned was the ‘Laser Sealing of the Tile grout material ’. A new grout material has been developed which consisted of crushed tiles, oxide compounds and a binder in a particular ratio. The vitreous enamel powder was overlaid on the new grout material. After a setting period, the laser heating sinters the newly developed grout material, thus providing a strong and tough surface, while enamel provides a glazed seal.
(c) Pakistan Institute of Lasers and Optics ( 1991 – to-date)
At the Pakistan Institute of Lasers and Optics, Rawalpindi, I am running a 2.5 kW CO2 laser workstation, which is being used for variety of jobs that includes welding, cutting, drilling, surface treatment etc. Laser hardening and marking techniques are also employed. All these efforts led to a way to establish a liason with local industry.
(d) Imperial College London, Dept. of Materials (1986-88)
I started my Ph.D. on the welding of zinc coated steel in lap configuration. It was found that an accurate gap size was required between the two sheets for efficient welding. The gap size depends upon welding speed, sheet thickness and thickness of the zinc coating. An operating regime was defined based on theoretical and experimental results.
(e) Liverpool University Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (1988 - 90)
Corrosion tests were performed on the welded samples. It was found that a corrosion resistance Zn-Fe alloy forms at the edges of these welds which sacrificially prolongs the life of the weld.
(f) B.Sc. Engineering (1979-85)
The main subjects studied were: Mechanical, Extractive & Physical Metallurgy, Iron & Steel Manufacturing, Welding & Foundry Technology, Corrosion Technology, Materials Science, Composite Materials, Mineral Processing, Mechanics of Materials, Plant Design etc.


Degree/Certificate College/University Year Subject
Ph.D. Imperial College London, England 1990 Laser Materials Processing
D.I.C. Imperial College London, England 1990 Laser Materials Processing
B.Sc (Engg). Punjab University Lahore 1985 Metallurgy and Material Science
B.Sc. Punjab University Lahore 1978 Physics, Maths A & Maths B
F. Sc. F.G.College for Boys Wah Cantt 1977 Pre-Engg
Matriculations C.M.High School Wah Cantt 1974 Science
i) Merit scholarship Matriculation examination, 1974.
ii) Merit scholarship B.Sc. Engineering, 1979-84.
iii) Ministry of Science & Technology merit scholarship for higher studies, 1986-1990.

Courses Attended
i) Orientation course on overseas graduate studies (Nov. 85-Jan. 86), National Academy of Higher Education, UGC, Islamabad.
ii) A course on “The Principle of Programming: An introduction with FORTRAN 77” 23-27 June, 1986, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (University of London) London, England.

Additional Information
(a) International Journals
1.R. Akhter, M. Davis, J. Dowden, P. Kapadia, M. Ley, and W. M. Steen. J. Phy; D: Appl. Phys. Vol. 21, pp. 23-28, (1989).
2.R. Akhter, K. G.Watkins and W. M. Steen. Journal of Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 67-86, (1990).
3.R. Akhter, K. G.Watkins and W. M. Steen. Electrochemical characterisation of the laser welded zinc coated steel. Materials Letters, Vol. 9. No. 12, pp. 550-556, August (1990).
4.R. Akhter, W. M. Steen and K. G.Watkins. Welding zinc coated steel with a laser and the properties of the weldment. Journal of Laser Applications. Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 9-20 (1991).
5.R. Akhter, L. Li, R. E. Edwards and A. W. Gale Porosity/bubble formation mechanism in laser surface enamelling Applied Surface Science, Volumes 208-209, 15 March 2003, Pages 447-452.
6.R. Akhter, L. Li, R. E. Edwards and A. W. Gale Rapid laser surface enamelling by powder feeding technique Applied Surface Science, Volumes 208-209, 15 March 2003, Pages 453-457.
7.R. Akhter, L. Ivanchev, C. van Rooyen, P. Kazadi and H.P. Burger. Laser Welding of SSM Cast A356 Aluminium Alloy Processed with CSIR-Rheo Technology. Solid State Phenomena. Trans Tech Publications Switzerland. Vols. 116-117, pp. 173-176 (2006).
8.R. Akhter, L. Ivanchev and H.P. Burger. Effect of Pre/Post T6 Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Laser Welded SSM Cast A356 Aluminium Alloy. Materials Science and Engineering A. Vol. 447, pp. 192-196 (2007).

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