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Education: 5
Experience: 10 years
Relocation: Yes - Internationally

Industry Experience
4 years Engineering
5 years Engineering

Career Objective

Piping engineering of oil-gas (onshore/offshore) projects, Fertilizer and Chemical plants.

Professional Experience

1) Working as a Pipe Stress Engineer in Technip Geo-Production, Malaysia (April 2008 till Date)
ľGumusut Kakap Topsides Detailed Engg of MMHE with SHELL as an operator: A floating production unit to produce 150,000 BBL/d of oil in water depth of 1150m.- Preparation of critical line list: Identification of lines for stress analysis.Stress analysis of lines within process module connected to HP separators, heat exchanger (shell and tube, PCHE and Hair Pin), scrubbers, HP compressor, relief and flare systems and oil export pumps.Stress and fatigue analysis of lines between Process-East, Process-West modules and Flowline risers connecting module and Hull having relative displacements.
2)Worked as a Plant and Piping Engineer in L&T-Chiyoda Ltd (Baroda and Mumbai offices), INDIA (Sept 2005-Apr 2008). Also worked in Chiyoda Corporation, Yokohama, Japan (Feb 2006-Feb 2007).
ľQGX-II of Qatar Liquefied Gas Co. Ltd.: Qatar gas expansion into train-4 for 7.8 mtpa of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Production. Flexibility analysis of process lines (heat exchangers, pumps, and tanks).Stress analysis for underground pipe. Modal analysis for two phase flow lines
ľMCAF of Saudi Formaldehyde Chemical Co. Ltd.: Methanol and CO Plant with Associated Facilities. Preparation of piping layout with support type and location determination for flare and Reformer lines. Checking and approval of stress analysis calculations for process and flare lines
3)Worked in Uhde India Ltd. (Pune and Mumbai offices) as a Piping and Mechanical Engineer (2004-2005)
ľGulf Farabi Petrochemicals: A plant producing 120,000 mtpa N-Paraffin and 100,000 mtpa Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB).Co-ordination and checking of stress analysis for Tank farm and Hot oil piping subjected to a temperature of 360 deg. C with consideration of tank settlement as well as seismic and wind effects on the piping system. Applied WRC-297 for nozzle flexibility and API-610 for pump nozzle loads
ľTessenderlo Chemie: A plant producing Caustic Soda. Stress analysis of process piping and piping subjected to uniform snow loading with ambient temperature of -15 deg. C
4)Worked with Engineering Consultants Pune, India for piping engineering of various chemical.


PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION :Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) ¡V 2000 Master of Engineering (Mechanical)¡V 2002


Industrial course in Piping Engineering from IIT, Mumbai

Additional Information

PROFILE: Overall experience of 9+ Yrs since year 2000 including Plant and Piping Engineering of LNG,Refinery/Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Chemical projects and Offshore Floating Production Unit in Organizations like Technip Geo-production, Malaysia; Chiyoda Corporation, Japan; L&T-Chiyoda Ltd., India and UHDE India Ltd., India. Proficient in Caesar 4.4, 4.5, 5.0 versions and Autopipe packages for stress analysis, PC-Cook for stress analysis of underground pipe, Navisworks and Smart Plant Review for Review of 3D plant and LICAD spring testing software. Piping layout and plot plan development for projects related to chemical and oil industries. Familiar with various codes and standards used in Oil and Gas Industry like ASME, API, WRC, NEMA SM23.
Prepared an Excel program to check all 4 NEMA conditions for API pipe sizes (Caesar has the facility to check only for ASME pipe sizes and 3 NEMA conditions).
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Detailed Engineering- Performing stress analysis for critical piping systems of Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries and Topsides of offshore Floating Production unit. Piping layout with support type and location determination. Preparing critical line list. Stress analysis of lines connected to Compressors and Turbine as per NEMA SM 23. Modal,Surge and fatigue analysis of piping systems. Stress analysis of underground piping and jacketed piping.

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