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Entry Level - Roustabout

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Education: 2
Experience: 5 years
Relocation: Yes - Internationally

Industry Experience
1 years Engineering
1 years Other
3 years Welder/Fitter

Career Objective

My objective is to gain as much experience in this industry and build my career with the company that gives me the opportunty to prove myself to be dedicated and hard working.

Professional Experience

Mechanical Workshop

Job Changes:

Assist the fitters in removing the tools on the machine
Override the machine controls to work on and clean the machine
Search for faults on the machine and repair it
Check if all the function keys and mechanisms on the machine is operational
Set the machine mechanisms (speed, cushioning and timing) for the specified job
Adjust the shears to cut the gob correctly and load it straight thro the gob distributor
Repair mechanisms and tools that is faulty or damaged
Align certain machine parts with precision gauge

Repairs and Duties:

Clean, strip, search faults, repair and assemble faulty tools
Respond to brake downs and assist fitters in repairs of machines
Accompany fitters with routine maintenance checks
Collect spares and industrial equipment from stores and complete requisition forms
Make tools to make the job easier for doing repairs or maintenance on the machines

Fire Fighting

Always alert and 100% prepared to respond to spillages and any fire or fire related conditions as well as the main driver of the fire engine on my shift.

Clock Patrols

Prevent fires and make sure the plant is safe and secure from all hazards.

Daily Checks

Inspect fire extinguishers, call points, sprinklers, alarms, etc. to ensure it is in good working order and report any spillages, leaks,defaults, etc.

Zone Checks

Check allocated zones to make sure that no equipment expires or are faulty as well as that no unsafe working procedures is performed.


Issue of hot work permits, check that equipment is safe and in good working order, make sure people moving around in hot work area are safe from all hazards.


Repair all broken, damaged, faulty equipment, service fire equipment e.g. (fire extinguishers, hose reels, etc, charging of breathing apparatus and daily house keeping.)

Control Room

Send/Call in personnel to/from fire alarms and incidents. Monitor the fire panel, answer incoming calls, report to officer in charge.
Control usage of radios, record and monitor attendance, daily working procedures of staff and control of equipment, authorize and issue requests for hot work permits.


National Senior Certificate N3
Fire fighting certificate
Offshore Survival Certificate
Microsoft XP
Practical (P1)

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