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Hand Wheel Operated API 6D

Reference  DFD0305P11/08
Date  12/8/2010
Location  Asia
Scope  - Hand wheel operated API 6D, through conduit, Rising Stem Gate Valve complete with necessary companion flanges and RTJ gasket and stud, bolts& nuts etc. as per specification.

Quantity: 2
Size: 101.6mm NB (4")
Rating: ANSI 600 class

Detailed Specifications and Requirements:
Gate valve, full opening through conduit design as per figure no. 1 & 2 illustrated in API 6D specification, 22nd Edition (or Latest edition) complete with companion flanges and necessary ring joint gaskets and stud bolts & nuts etc. (as per specification), suitable to pass pigs, scrapers & spheres, for oil field (sweet) services, double disc / slab, parallel sliding gate, back seating arrangement to enable replacing the stuffing box under pressure, rising stem type with hand wheel on vertical axis. Both ends flanged as per ANSI B-16.5 with RTJ gasket.

Valves shall be provided with pressure relief fittings and thrust bearing in the yoke for reducing torque. Face to face dimension as per ANSI B-16.10 valve testing as per API specifications 6D.The valves to be supplied with necessary companion flanges, RTJ gasket, Stud & Nuts etc.

Material of Construction:

a) Body & Bonnet : Cast carbon Steel (ASTM A-216, Gr. WCB). The casting must be of radiographic quality.
b) Gate & segment: AISI 410 510 S/S Nitrohardened, with HF-7 Molybdenum Disulfide coating).
c) Stem: AISI 410 S/S with HF-7 (Molybdenum Disulfide coating) ASTM A182 Gr.6 Fa
d) Seats: AISI 410 S/S, Nitrohardened / ASTM A 182 Gr. F 6a with PTFE insert
e) Back Seat Bush: AISI 410 S/S.
f) Handwheel: Cast Carbon Steel (ASTM A-216 Gr. WCB)
g) Gland packing: Chevron Rings with injectable Teflon Filament.
h) Gland Nut: AISI 410.
i) Yoke: NI-Resist
j) Bonnet Stud: ASTM A 193 Gr. B7.
k) Bonnet Nut: ASTM A 194 Gr. 2H.
l) Spring: Inconel - X750.

- Specification same as previous item but
Quantity: 20
Size: 150 mm NB (6")
Rating: ANSI 600 class

- Specification same as previous item but
Quantity: 10
Size: 200 mm NB (8")
Rating: ANSI 600 class

Bidding Information

Bid Bond  US $ 4,800.00
Bond Validity  180 days
Documents Price  USD 100.00


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