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Valve Cleaner Lubricant

Reference: 1215/2011 3/28/2011, Location: Middle East
Category: Valves

Scope of Work
Valve & fitting
Audco lubricant, rockwell lubricant, hopkinsons & pignc,

# 10 Box stick grade sealant size g: high viscosity sealant for manual injection sealant number 421 service: acides, alkalies amines water & steam temp yange: from 10 f to 350 f (sticks per box = 24)

# 40 Can valve cleaner lubricant use to soften dried sealant residues & deposits in hard to operate valves composition microsilica thickened vegetable oil organic molybdneum compond (5-quart cans each)

Audco lubricant no.731

# 40 Tin stick size c
# 40 Box stick size d

Stick grade sealant, dual resistance to petroleum products & water, fuel & lubricants oil, usable to 400 f, sealant number 950

# 28 Box stick size b
# 16 Box stick size c
# 16 Box stick size d
# 16 Box stick size e
# 16 Box stick size f
# 16 Box audco valve lubricant no.735 stick size f

Bidding Information
Bid Bond: 1% from submitted prices
Offer Validity: 120 days
Price of Bid Documents: ID 50 000

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