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Maintenance for Wellhead Valve Integrity
Christmas Tree/Wellhead Valves
Reference HT097OF12
Date 3/6/2012
Location Middle East
Scope The purpose of this Contract is for the Contractor to provide Services to the Company such that the Wellheads/Christmas-tree valves, adjustable chokes and related equipment are maintained and repaired in compliance with the manufacturers and industry standard recommendations so that this equipment is in good working condition at all times.

Provide additional service for Maintenance of gas meter runs (Daniel box), Adjustable chokes and maintenance of connecting SS pipes and manifolds of gas lift meters (Digital gas meters).

Check the status threads of pressure & temperature ports (NPT threads).

The Contractor’s scope shall cover, but not be limited to, establishing maintenance regimes, establishing and updating maintenance records, carrying out periodic surveys and inspections, periodic preventative maintenance, emergency maintenance and supply spare parts for the company’s Wellheads/Christmas-tree valves and related equipment.

The Contractor shall provide personnel, equipment, tools, consumables, spare parts and the like to the relevant provisions of the Contract.

Service to be Performed:

Contractor shall introduce methods and procedures to ensure the safety and operational integrity of Wellheads/Christmas-tree valves, carry out inspections, repair and maintenance to such and related equipment and acquire and accurate recording of relevant/related field data.

Contractor shall perform all necessary works and services such as but not limited to:

- Establishment of a comprehensive system for maintaining the integrity of Wellhead/Christmas-tree equipment and valves within oil producing facilities of the company.

- Surveys and inspections of such equipment.

- Preventive maintenance and repair or changing of equipment as requested from time to time by Company.

- In addition Contractor may also be requested to perform Category 1 (routine) or Category 2 (non-routine) works on orifice and its housing (Daniel box).

- Supply spare parts.

- Provide preventative maintenance plans, standard work procedures, produce and update maintenance logs, reports and the like.

In performing the Service, Contractor shall provide all necessary personnel, equipment, tools, material and supervision.

Work or maintenance which is required to be performed by Contractor under the Contract is categorized as below:

- Category 1: Routine work, on line or in-situ maintenance which can be carried out with minimal operational disruption on a routine basis.

- Category 2: Non Routine work, maintenance or repairs that can be carried out either at the field or at Contractor’s workshop necessitating stripping the equipment and replacing some parts or components. This is including either refurbish or rebuild or to replace the component or equipment based on an economic assessment.

Contractor shall provide equipment for pressure test (Pressure test pump) of the repaired equipment on wellhead gas injection line. The require parameters of pressure test pump as follow: Air driven pump, inj. rate 15 - 20ltrs/min at low pressure (1000psi) & 5 -10 ltrs/min at 5000 Psi WP.

The Contractor shall carry out all work/services in compliance with the company Safety requirements.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond US$ 43,000.00
Christmas Tree/Wellhead Valves
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