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Provision of 3D OBC Seismic Surveys
Seismic survey
Reference BID902228
Date 9/3/2012
Location Africa
Scope The company plans to commence Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) seismic surveys for exploration and development of offshore oil/gas fields in its license areas. These surveys are to tie into recently completed (2007-2010) OBC surveys in these same blocks. The surveys are expected to begin in mid/late 2013 and extend through 2014.

The planned scope of work for the OBC Seismic Survey is as follows:
- Survey size: Approximately 1000 square kilometers full-fold divided into 4 separate survey areas
- Water depths: 8 - 65 meters
- Technique: OBC using 4C ocean bottom sensors spaced 25 meters apart
- Bin size: 12.5 meters inline by 12.5 meters cross line
- Offset Range: 175 to 6000 meters
- Field Processing: Onboard QC and front end processing to generate SEGY tapes with all navigation / positioning data merged into the trace headers
- Work environment: Oil and gas production facilities, pipelines, supporting vessels, and other obstructions are present in three of the four survey areas
- Multiple vessels (e.g. cable laying, recording, shooting) and sufficient cable with spares will be required to allow the spread to be 'rolled' whilst recording takes place
- Swath acquisition is to be used with parallel shot and receiver lines. Receiver lines are to be spaced 200 meters apart with 8 source lines between every pair of cable lines
- Extensive safety, SIMOPS, security, and community relations planning are required prior to start of the seismic operations
- Estimated Project Duration - Approximately 14-18 months

Scope of QAQC Services:

Company is seeking QAQC Representatives to monitor these seismic operations for safe, environmentally sound, efficient and cost effective geophysical acquisition practices consistent with contract specifications and industry standards,. QAQC Representatives will also be responsible for providing comprehensive reporting of the operations. At this time, the following positions are anticipated:

Lead Seismic Representative - (2 rotating - i.e. 1 on crew full time)
- The QC representative will provide MPN with a direct contact with the geophysical contractor during field operations and verify that all contract requirements are adhered to throughout the program. One Lead Representative may also be required to participate in pre-mobilization project planning.
- The Lead Seismic Representative must have a minimum of 10 years directing offshore geophysical surveys, including TZ surveys as a Lead Representative. At least three of those years should be on 3D OBC crews. Prior 4C experience is strongly desired. The Lead Representatives must also have five (5) years' experience in field processing and data management.

Seismic Data Integrity Representative - (2 rotating - i.e. 1 on crew full time)
- The data integrity QC representative monitors and advises on onboard data acquisition quality control products, onboard data processing, and verification of data deliverables
- The seismic representatives must have five (5) continuous years of active QC representative support for 3D seismic acquisition, field processing, and data management support with at least 2 years of this experience working on OBC (ocean bottom cable) crews.

Navigation / Positioning Quality Control Representative - (2 rotating)
- The navigation QC consultants will monitor and advise on navigation and positioning of sources and cables and navigation processing associated with the Project.
-The navigation representatives must have five (5) continuous years of active support for 3D seismic acquisition with at least 2 years of this experience working on OBC (ocean bottom cable) crews.

Safety, Health, Environment (SHE) Representative - (2 Lead SHE Representatives rotating plus 2 -4 additional SHE representative rotating to work on supporting cable and/or source vessels)
-The Geophysical Project SHE QC is MPN's representative that monitors and advises on Safety, Health, Environment (SHE) and Security matters associated with the Project
-The SHE Representative must have a minimum of 5 years experience in geophysical operations as an SHE representative roll with at least 3 years on marine seismic (OBC or streamer) crews. The Lead SHE representative must have at least 10 years' experience in offshore operations and have experience and certification as an SHE
auditor on marine seismic vessels including training in SHE management. One Lead SHE representative will likely be required to participate in pre-mobilization survey planning

Marine Mammal Observers - (4 rotating, i.e. 2 on crew full time)
-The marine mammal observer must be trained and experienced in use of JNCC guidelines, and qualified to observe and report on cetacean activity in the survey area. He must have at least 1 year experience in marine mammal observations on marine seismic crews

Office Consultant - (1) working full time or on an 8-week-on, 2-week-off schedule - Optional position
-The office consultant will work in the Lagos office assisting the Project Lead in the preparation of daily, weekly and monthly reports, SHE incidents reports investigations, invoice and project cost tracking, crew statistics and logistics planning for Company and partner representatives.

Contractor may propose representatives for any one or all of the positions requested. Bidders should have at least 3 capable representatives in the position they propose to fill, in order to provide rotation relief, which is expected approximately every 4 to 6 weeks. Be informed that MPN may decide to change the needed QAQC effort and remove any of the above listed positions prior to the start of the Survey.

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Seismic survey
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