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Mobile Well Testing Equipments
Well Testing Equipment

Reference  BID9351
Date  10/7/2009
Location  Middle East
Scope  Ref. No.: 74-09-4070
Issue Date: 07-Oct-2009
Bid Closing Date:15-Nov-2009
Offer Validity: (120) days from the Bid Closing Date
Bond Validity: (90) days from the Bid Closing Date
Fee: 600 USD
Bid Bond: 1% From the total value of tender price

Scope of Work:
The mobile well testing facilities for South Oil Company's various fields in Iraq has been designed to efficiently and safety test wells of up to 15,000 bbl/day of fluids, up to 30,000 MM SCFD of gas (GOR of 2000) and with a water – cut of 60% the mobile testing facilities would include a choke manifold, test separator, test tanks, transfer pumps, road tankers and off-load pumps, meters, and utility systems as following:

1- Supply # 2 lots of process equipment carrier #1 includes:
Emergency shutdown valve, choke manifold, test separator (with water cut treatment facility if needed), flow control manifold, and trailer equipment carrier #1.

2- Supply # 2 lots of process equipment carrier #2 includes:
Test tnak#1, crude oil transfer pumps#1, and trailer equipment carrier #2.

3- Supply # 2 lots of process equipment carrier #3 includes:
Test tnak#2, crude oil transfer pumps#2, and trailer equipment carrier #3.

4- Supply # 2 lots of process equipment carrier #4 includes:
Diesel generator, instrument air compressing system, control / operation building, and trailer equipment carrier #4.

5- Supply # 2 lots of transportation equipment includes:
Crude oil tank trailers, crude oil off-loading pumps, crude oil metering, and Mercedes Benz truck tractor units.

6- Supply # 2 lots of additional equipment includes:
Loading header skid, interconnecting pipe work and hoses, site lighting, and control system.

7- Supply # 2 lots of auxiliary equipment list includes:
Surface data acquisition system, emergency respiratory, H2S personnel monitoring, and special tools and consumable parts.

8- Supply # 2 lots of recommended spare parts for all above items for one year (detailed in offer).

9- Supply # 2 lots of documentation: complete documentation for drawing, fabrication, testing and inspection (third party inspection required).

Well Testing Equipment

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