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Mobile Well Testing Separator
Reference BID8068
Date 5/21/2009
Location Middle East
Scope Ref. No.: 82.09.9024.01
Issue Date: 21/05/2009
Pre-Tender Meeting Date: 14/06/2009 (will be held in the contracts Dept., North Oil Company (NOC), Kirkuk, Iraq)
Bid Closing Date: 21/06/2009
Offer Validity: 5 months from the Bid Closing Date
Document Price: 230000 Iraqi Dinars
Bid Bond: 1% From the total value of tender price

Work Description:
Supply of one stage three-phase mobile well testing separator unit with all accessories:
Design conditions:
Design pressure: 2000 psig.
Max. working pressure: 1500 psig.
Design temperature: -30° F UP to 250° F.
Working temperature: 130° F.
Capacity (at working conditions): 6000 Bbl/D.
All the equipments to be H2S and CO2 sour services.

Vessel accessories:
- Flow meters at fluid outlet (condensate, oil, water) adequate to the design capacity.
- Gas flow meter at gas outlet adequate to the design capacity.
- Level glass to sight (oil, gas) and (oil, water) levels.
- Level control valve on the oil outlet and water outlet with their controllers.
- Pressure control valve on the gas outlet.
- Pressure gauges in the appropriate position and convenient ranges with flexibility of place position.
- Temperature indicators in the appropriate position "especially gas" with convenient ranges.
- Pressure safety valves adequate to the design and working conditions.
- Sampling points at all fluid outlet "gas, oil and water" in easy place to reach it.
- Pneumatic shutdown valves on oil and water outlet.

Choke manifold:
To fit all types of well test or clean-up operation:
- 3 1/16 I.D. (10000 PSI) working pressure.
- Double sides four gates with one adjustable choke and one Positive choke.
Fire-safe valve design.
- Sour corrosive oil and gas (H2S - CO2) service.
- Working temperature (-30 °F to 250 °F).
- By pass valve.
- High accuracy 3" bore production type adjustable choke.

Chiksan pipes:
- Parveen 2" high-pressure swivel joint C/W 2" FIG 602 MXF union E connections, 5000 PSI TP, 3000 PSI WP, H2S service can be connect with testing separator and manifold.
Spares for swivel includes: packing, steel ball, plugs.

Air compressor unit:
Air compressor unit to be supplied with all accessories necessary for efficient operation to all controllers or any other instruments.

Mobile generator set:
- Diesel generator, (220-240) V, 50 Hz, 30 kva.
- Generator set: complete system designed and built as ISO certified facility.
- Engine: electrical system, 12 VDC.
- Generator: self excited brush less generator.
- Control system: LCP2 key start control panel.
- Exhaust system: Industrial capacity exhaust silencer.
- Cooling system: fan drive, complete with protection guard.
- Automatic voltage regulator: voltage regulation +/-0.5%.

Other requirements:
The separator, air compressor, diesel engine and other instruments should group in a rectangular base which made it easy to carry on trailer.
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