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Resume Title Job Function Country
3028368: application for employment as an arc welder
6 years, Some College
3028385: Welder
2 years, Some College
Welder/Fitter, Asset Portfolio Management
3053464: Dual Trade Artisan
13 years, High School
Engineering, Welder/Fitter
South Africa
3017098: Fitter & turner, Miller, CNC Programmer
16 years, Some College
Engineering, Welder/Fitter, Driller
South Africa
3028452: post for fabricator in oil & gass
11 years, High School
United Arab Emirates
3042493: Mechanical Fitter & Turner
13 years, Some College
Welder/Fitter, Other
South Africa
3025087: Team Leader / Fitter
6 years, Some College
Welder/Fitter, Manager
New Zealand
3054766: Curriculum vaitae
14 years, 2 yr Degree
Field Service Technician, Welder/Fitter
3037268: Mechanical Welder
20 years, 4 yr Degree
Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Welder/Fitter
New Zealand
3017642: QC - Welding Inspector
18 years, 2 yr Degree
Quality Control/Quality Assurance Engineer, Welder/Fitter
3035333: senior mechanical tech - mechanical tech
12 years, Masters Degree
Technician, Welder/Fitter
3047026: Soheil Rasoolpour
6 years, 4 yr Degree
Engineering - Petroleum, Welder/Fitter, Field Engineer
United Arab Emirates
3047963: Paint, Fitter, Welder Supervisor
20 years, High School
Welder/Fitter, Sales, Other
3042612: terence atkins
20 years, Some College
Welder/Fitter, Other
South Africa
3041432: my name is masoud dehghani from iran . i need to get new job very urgent . include: assistant rig mechanic / roughneck / m
7 years, 2 yr Degree
Mechanic, Mechanical Inspectors, Welder/Fitter
3050111: Welder
10 years, Some College
Electrical/Controls/Mechanical/Structural Eng, Mechanic, Welder/Fitter
3036151: Achieving the organizational aspects such as time, quality and discipline.
10 years, 2 yr Degree
Welder/Fitter, Mechanic, Technician
United Arab Emirates
3046939: Facilities Maintenance
8 years, 2 yr Degree
Welder/Fitter, Engineering, Technician
United Arab Emirates
3041053: Warehouse Person, Entry Level Roustabout, Inventory Controller, Welder Fitter.
10 years, Some College
Welder/Fitter, Sales
United Arab Emirates
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