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Model SDJ Multiphase Flow Meter - Mass Flowmeter

Model SDJ Multiphase Flow Meter
During crude oil exploitation, in order to have accurate information of the production wells in time and provide necessary scientific evidence for oilfield development, Continuous measurement of phases of oil, gas and water of each production well becomes rather important. At the same time, we need a precise device to control timely quantity of crude oil transferring so as to judge quality of fluid during custody transfer. To solve the problems of uncontinuous phase measurement, large volume and high cost existing in conventional multiphase flowmeters, JPIM developed its own multiphase flowmeter based on GLCC, which can fully solve bottleneck of accuracy and put up a completely-new solution for the problems that long-time disturbing the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

The new system improved conventional multiphase flowmeter, and utilizes standard industrial water cut test and gas/liquid mass flow test. Well test can be finished quickly because balance of small volume of liquid can be established in a short time ( separator of conventional meter is too large). We can design an optimum system plan for multiphase flowmeter after analysis of pressure, temperature, liquid density and production of fluid of wells. The plan will provide a guarantee for exploitation of the well and delivery of goods.

1. Small and light.
2. Operation of the system is simple, and it is easy to be moved, installed and maintained.
3. High automation and quick measurement (compared with conventional systems).
4. The test result is of high accuracy and it can perform continuous online test.
5. High reliability. Labor intensity and maintenance cost can be obviously reduced.
6. Strong anti-interference ability and wide range of use.

Technical Specifications and Structure Working principle of Model SDL multiphase flowmeter is that: it separates fluids from well into liquid and gas, and then measures them respectively. The system mainly consists of two-phase separator, gas mass flowmeter, liquid mass flowmeter, water cut meter, automatic liquid level controller and so on. Gas and liquid mass flowmeters measure production of gases and liquid of well, while water cut meter measures water rate in the liquid that is separated. With the measured data, the system calculates production of oil, gas and water in the well. The system features low investment and easy operation, and has been widely used in domestic oilfields.
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