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Chemical Dosing of Fire Water Systems
Dead Line: 1/29/2018 >>  Qatar
Ref: LTC/C/RTO/3287/17, Announcement Date: 12/24/2017

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of Production Chemicals and Associated Services (2018-2020)
Supply of Polyurethane Spheroids 20
Provision of Corrosion Inhibitor for Oil Well
Commercial Sulphate of Alum
Procurement of HDPE Blow Grade
Supply of Additive- Pour Point Depressant
2000 Cubic Meters of Demulsifier for Crude Oil Treatment
Supplying Corrosion Inhibitor SE-CI333A
Stocking and Supply of Fire Fighting Foam Concentrate
Price Agreement for Various Types of Laboratory Chemicals
Supplying Demulsifer
Processing of Emulsifying Material
Supply of Triethylene Glycol (TEG)
Supply & Install, Commissioning of Trace Sulphur Analyzer for Liquid Hydrocarbons
Chemical Materials for Water Treatment Plant
Anti Scalant for RO Desalination Unit
Transportation, Storage and Handling of Sohar Sulphur
Supply of Reagent & Chemicals to Laboratories
Provision of Inerting Services at Offshore Locations
Commercial Sulphate of Alumina
Supply of Activated Carbon
Supply of Dimethyle- Disulphide Formula
Stocking & Supply of TEG & MEG
Stocking & Supply of Various Chemicals
Sodium Hydroxide Caustic Soda
Phosphoric Acid
Supply of CCR / Plat Former Catalyst
Supplying Alumina Solution Plant
Supply of Amberlyst 15 Wet Catalyst
Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Plant

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