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Tenders for Lubricants, Oils & Greases

Supply of POL Products
Dead Line: 5/5/2018 >>  Pakistan
Ref: POL/PROC/JUNE/2018 , Announcement Date: 4/5/2018
Supply of POL Products
Dead Line: 4/25/2018 >>  Pakistan
Ref: POL/PROC/APRIL/2018 , Announcement Date: 3/25/2018

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Supply of POL Products
Merchandize for Lubricant Promotion
Supply of Lubricants Racks
Supply of POL Products
Sale & Removal of Cooler Lube Oil
Supply of Lubricant Additive
Supply of Various Grades of Grease
Supply and Delivery of Lubricants for a Period of 5 Years
Grease, Alvania, Shell
Supply of Lubricant Additives
Lube Oil, Total Perslia T-46
Supply of Lubricant Additives
Lube Base Oil
Expression of Interest for Virgin Base Oils
Supply of POL Products
Supply of Plastic Cans
Supply of Plastic Cans
Supply of Lubricant Additive
Long Term Supply of Lubricant
Supply of Lubricant Additives
Purchase of Lubricants for Production Facilities
Providing Extreme Pressure Mud Lubricant
Supply of Grease and Oil
Supplying of Oil Lubricatan
Providing of Grease, Synthetic & Silicone
Supply of Compressor Oil
Supply of Lube Oils and Greases

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