4th Annual Oil & Gas communication Mena 2009

9-10 June 2009. Organized by GVF UK.
Oil Field Services: Communication
Location: United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
Date: 6/9/2009

Organizer: GVF UK
Tel: 0044 1727 884 513
Fax: 0044 1727 884 800

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In 2006, 2007 & 2008, respectively, the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Oil & Gas Communications MENA conferences were very successfully received in Cairo, with broad and extensive support from across the regional upstream oil & gas sector, and from the international telecommunications industry. Now, for 2009, following many regional and worldwide expressions of interest in relocating the two-day conference to a different MENA-region oil & gas centre, it has been decided to locate the 4th Annual Oil & Gas Communications MENA Conference in Abu Dhabi, to take place on 9th & 10th June 2009.

For the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a whole, the oil & gas sector is the mainstay of the national economy, providing approximately one-third of GNP and being the predominant contributor to Government revenues. The UAE has vast recoverable hydrocarbon resources. Proven reserves for crude oil are 97.8 billion barrels. For natural gas the current estimate of reserves is 6.07 trillion cubic metres. These statistics mark the UAE’s oil reserves as the sixth largest in the world and its natural gas assets as the fifth largest in the world.

Nationally, across the UAE, the downstream development of refineries, petrochemical plants and related industries is creating an integrated oil and gas sector, equivalent to that of many industrialised nations.

Oil Field Services: Communication

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