Offshore Specialized and Construction Vessels Summit (OSCV 2015)

11-12 February 2015, Organized by Konseptos
Offshore Construction: FPSO Vessels and Equipment
Location: Qatar Doha
Date: 2/11/2015

Organizer: Konseptos
Tel: +91 80 4211 9333

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Maritime sector development in the middle east has fast improved over the years, making the region one of the most important locations for shipbuilding, repair, offshore maritime projects and shipping. The front runners in the maritime development sector of the region are United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar. These countries by far constitute some of the major ports and shipyards in the middle east. An area where there is massive scope for further development and immense amount of new projects forecasted.

The collective effort of all these oil rich countries has been to diversify their onshore petroleum dependant operations and to explore and strengthen their offshore capabilities also. Thus, the renewed vigor in heavily investing in developing the maritime sector to also support their offshore oil and gas operations in search of broadening their oil and gas capabilities.

Qatar has seen a drastic change in the maritime atmosphere in the region. From an almost nonexistent sector, Qatar has developed to be a front runner in becoming the regional hub for maritime sector development. The constant offshore development in the various offshore fields such as North Gas field, Bul Hanine , ISDN etc has increased the country’s requirement for specialized and construction vessels to support growth and project development. With total proven offshore reserves of more than 900 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, Qatar is positioned to encourage focus on advanced maritime development.

The renewed offshore development opportunities puts this region in a constant developmental stage, leading to an ever increasing need for vessels which can support and cater to continued construction, enhanced facilities, marine support and subsea works. This summit will strive to bring the primary stake holders of the Qatar maritime, offshore and petroleum industry and the offshore specialized and construction vessel operators, builders and solution providers together to understand and utilize the latest advances and availability of superior technology in the world of offshore vessels and ships which will further Qatar’s vision on leading the offshore and maritime sector of the region.

Offshore Construction: FPSO Vessels and Equipment

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