NGLs & Petchem Feedstock 2015

21-22 April 2015, Organized by Centre for Management Technology (CMT)
Energy Commodities: Natural Gas
Location: Singapore 
Date: 2/3/2015

Organizer: Centre for Management Technology (CMT)
Tel: +65 6346 9113

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Centre for Management Technology is organizing the NGLs & Petchem Feedstock Summit in Singapore on 21-22 April 2015. Spotlighting on "Ethane Supply Boom & Opportunities for Global Petchem Growth", this new agenda promises you key market insights from the industry majors sharing views on future direction for NGL global markets.

Europe spends high amounts in production of chemicals, but with the enormous ethane production from shale gas in the US, the European region can gain immensely from cost-effective ethane as a feedstock. Further in Asia, Reliance in India is taking the lead to exploit the highly cost-effective ethane for its cracking facilities. The company will import 1.5 million tons per annum of ethane from North America for its crackers in India. Estimates say that this can help the company save as much as USD 450 million per year! As far as the infrastructure to import ethane from US is considered, Reliance has also ordered six VLECs (Very Large Ethane Carriers) for transporting ethane to India. Will other petrochemical majors in Asia follow suit? Will China replace its coal-based chemical & PDH developments with ethane? How will it impact the production of propylene?


Rise of US Ethane Supply & Export (vs. Domestic Usage) Opportunities
Feedstock Requirement & Demand Growth in Europe, US, Middle East & Asia
Naphtha & Condensate Market Trends
Risk Management Strategy for Naphtha, LPG & etc
Feedstock Cracking Economics & Competitiveness of Naphtha vs. Ethane
Coal-based Chemicals in China & Future Development
LPG Demand Surge from New PDH Projects
Freight Market Outlook; Seaborne Ethane & VLEC Trending

CEOs, VPs, Products/ Marketing/ Sales Directors, Commercial & Business Development Managers, Buyers and Sellers from NGLs, LPG, Naphtha, Condensate, Coal & Natural Gas Companies, NOCs and Petrochemicals Companies, Marketers and Traders from Products/ Feedstock/ Olefins/ Aromatics Companies, Feedstock Strategists, Managers in Procurement, Refineries, Asset, Operations, Exports, Chartering and Contracts, Brokers, Chartering and Shipping Companies, Technologists, Additives and Catalyst Companies, Industry/Energy Consultants and Trade Financiers.

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Energy Commodities: Natural Gas

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