The African Oil & Gas Legal Summit 2015

24-26 February 2015, Organized by Magenta Global Pte Ltd
Professional Services: Legal
Location: South Africa Johannesburg
Date: 2/24/2015

Organizer: Magenta Global Pte Ltd
Tel: +65 6391 2533
Fax: +65 6299 4373

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This Summit comes at an exciting time for Africa's oil and gas industry as it continues its stride to become a global oil and gas powerhouse. Africa supplies approximately 11% and 7% to the global oil and gas demand respectively, and contains 10% of the world's proven oil and gas reserves. Additionally, it has 15.7% shale gas potential and approximately 2,200 unexplored/unlicensed blocks. On average, a new deal is struck every four days with a total deal value of USD 19.4 billion in recent years and potential industry investment with foreign direct interest of USD 30 billion per annum.

Massive discoveries have been made around the continent in countries such as Mozambique and Tanzania. Nigeria continues to be a sleeping giant waiting to realize its full potential, with others such as Angola aiming to displace it as Africa's number one producer, and the rest of Africa showing promising infrastructure and regulatory developments. Gleaming opportunities await sparking intense investor interest in the continent, as evidenced by 500 oil companies participating in Africa's oil and gas exploration activities alone. In order to mitigate the risks and address the opportunities brought by large scale exploration and production activities, various countries such as South Africa, Tanzania and Mozambique are planning and implementing changes to their oil and gas regulations.

Join us at the Africa Oil & Gas Legal Summit where the top and most respected legal counsels and experts - each carefully handpicked for their authority and accolades - will gather over two power-packed days to provide you with critical updates and expert analysis of the continent's dynamic oil and gas legalities. Experts will dissect the current scenario and arm you with the tools to deal with the myriad of issues facing the industry, from lease terminations, royalty disputes, JOA & contract disputes to condemnation action, and help you avoid costly legal pitfalls and ensure you continue to move your business ahead with absolute clarity and confidence.

Specially-designed to provide deep insights on the intricacies of navigating through the complex web of oil and gas regulations in active and emerging jurisdictions, this Summit will be invaluable for oil and gas professionals and legal counsels who desire to get first-hand understanding, updates and most importantly, the confidence to succeed in the oil and gas business in Africa.

Why You Must Not Miss This Conference
- Africa Oil & Gas Legal Summit is the only authoritative event in the region bringing together energy regulators, NOCs, IOCs and all stakeholders in the oil and gas supply chain
- Stay current with the latest updates and analysis of regulations from major and emerging oil and gas jurisdictions in Africa
- Acquire strategies to successfully mitigate legal risks and avoid costly legal pitfalls
- Inculcate a pre-emptive analytical "lawyer" mindset
- Create a winning strategy to handle disputes and litigation
- Receive expert inside knowledge of Africa's complicated and sometimes protective legal environment
- Be absolutely clear on mainstay oil and gas issues especially in regions where legal uncertainties exist
- Be apprised of the potential areas of liability that could arise in the future
- Learn from experts and practitioners through numerous case studies
- Be confident to enter and exit out of contracts, agreements and partnerships

Professional Services: Legal

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