2nd Annual Offshore Security in Oil & Gas Conference 2015

6-7 August 2015, Nispana Innovative Platforms Pvt. Ltd
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Location: Nigeria Lagos
Date: 8/6/2015

Organizer: Nispana Innovative Platforms Pvt. Ltd
Tel: +91 80 4933 1000
Fax: +91 80 4933 1003

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The Nigerian Oil industry is plagued by several challenges to achieve its maximum output potential. Due to the prevailing security problems, the Nigerian Oil Industry has faced immense losses, from pirate threats, oil thefts on and offshore, Oil bunkering and poor infrastructure. Recent studies shows that Nigeria Lost N1.2 Trillion to Crude Oil Theft in 2014, Nigeria’s oil output was already falling before the drop in oil prices largely due to oil theft and pipeline vandalism in the oil-rich Niger Delta. This year, the number and severity of piracy and armed robbery incidents must continue to decline.

According to the reports 55 attacks in 2014 in African waters or attributed to African pirates. Of these, 41 took place in the west, in the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean seaboard, and 12 occurred off the Horn of Africa or along the Western Indian Ocean seaboard. Coordinating maritime policy will be the biggest issue for stakeholders. States are increasingly prepared to work together, which is evident on regional, continental and international levels and the Federal government has set aside 1billion US Dollars to fight against Pipeline Vandalism and Oil theft for the year 2015.

Nispana Innovative Platforms as a company has identified that it is conducive to address these security risks and problems which are affecting the Oil industry of the Republic Of Nigeria, after the grand success of the first Offshore Security in Oil & Gas, Nispana is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Offshore Security Oil Theft - Nigeria Summit at Lagos, Nigeria. This summit will determine and focus to give an insight into the current challenges pertaining to oil theft, pipeline vandalism, funding gap in the Oil & gas new exploration project, Maritime Security and environmental issues faced by the oil companies operating out of Nigeria. The summit will take place over two days and will have discussions and interactive session, case studies by Maritime Security Experts, Oil and Gas exploration and production companies from all across Africa and Europe.

This Summit will give a factual insight on the situation and will help to create excellent opportunity for networking and sharing experiences in the application of security issues throughout the learning cycle.

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