Gas Turkey 2010

1-4 April 2010. Organized by Senexpo International Fairs Inc.
Gas Processing
Location: Turkey CNR ExpoFair Ground
Date: 4/1/2010

Organizer: Senexpo International Fairs Inc.
Tel: 0090 212 2246878
Fax: 0090 212 2248558

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3rd LPG&CNG Fair will be held by Senexpo International Fairs Inc. during 01-04 April 2010 in CNR Expo Fair Ground Istanbul / TURKEY.

In 2009, the fair was actualized with 6.959sqm net stand space, where the most important leading brands of the market met each other. 121 domestic and 32 foreign, totally 153 companies participated to the previous version of sector-specific fair; GAS TURKEY Istanbul, Turkey. The fair was visited by 9.753 local and international visitors. The fair provided promotion activities and trade opportunities to exhibitors, which contains of world's leading distributors, suppliers, dealers, buyers, sector specific foundations and media representatives

Turkey , extending like a bridge between the continents of Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia , has many advantages as a result of it’s geographical position. Turkey is the third of the world with gas consumption by 9% and the second of Europe after Poland. In this frame, The fair will certainly provide promotion activities and trade opportunities to exhibitors, which contains of world's leading distributors, suppliers, dealers, buyers, sector specific foundations and media representatives.

In 2008, world LPG consumption reached 238 million tones. 50% of overall consumption occurred in the top five countries: South Korea, Japan, Poland, Turkey and Mexico. The top five producers of LPG are the U.S, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia and Canada.

The Turkish LPG market continues to be significant, with annual consumption at 3.5 million tones, a level that has 5% growth rate of consumption since 2008. Turkey is the forth of the world with auto gas consumption by 9% and the second of Europe after Poland.

57% of LPG consumption in Turkey is in the auto gas segment, 36% in cylinder gas, and 7 % in the bulk gas segment. There are currently more than 2 million vehicles using LPG in Turkey. 27 % of Commercial vehicles use LPG and this number is increasing day by day.56 distributor companies and 6,500 auto gas stations, almost 20,000 dealers and 115,000 employees are active in the market. The annual turnover of the sector has reached 5 billion $. Additional 10% of growth is also expected in the market. The major suppliers are Algeria, Norway, Libya, Kazakhstan, Russia, Niger.

The CNG market has jumped from 1.7 million to 8 million vehicles around the world, with an average growth rate of 30.6% since 2000. The rapid growth is due largely in part to global economic factors and the current energy crisis, but is also attributed to increasing environmental awareness.

Turkey, with a 35 billion m3 consumption of natural gas annually, is developing strategies to expand use of CNG vehicles in urban transportation. Currently, compressed natural gas is also popular consumption for the public transportation and buses. Furthermore some of the Turkish Metropolitan Municipalities like Istanbul, Ankara, Kocaeli, Kayseri has imported 964 CNG buses so far. The other municipalities would fallow them and the conversation of the buses to CNG will be the continues process in the near future. CNG vehicles are being preferred because of its economic and environmental benefits.

Egegaz LNG terminal is Turkey's first private LNG import facility and Europe’s second largest terminal which was completed in 2002 at Aliaga near Izmir, it has a capacity of 6.5 billion cu m (4.1 million tones/year), and two 145,000-cu m storage tanks. The terminal has been receiving its shipments of liquefied Natural Gas since 2002. Currently, Turkey is seeking to diversify its natural gas imports as increased tensions with its main suppliers raise fears of shortages. Turkey is importing LNG from Algeria and Niger.

Metals production and fabricating is the largest market sector for industrial gases consumption Turkey is the 9th biggest producer of the world in iron and steel industry and one of the most important market for industrial and medical gases of the European region. Especially renewing investments on steel and iron segment is creating a big opportunities for industrial gases sector. As a developing country, Turkey is the center of the industrial investments. Turkey is an important consumer for industrial gases and because of its significant strategic status, Turkey is also a bridge for rebuild Iraq projects and Middle East, a serious nitrogen consumer.

• LPG, CNG vehicles and systems
• LNG Terminals, systems and Technologies
• Gas fittings, pipelines and Technologies
• Transportation vehicles and systems
• Equipments for Autogas dispensers and stations
• Devices and equipments for LPG, CNG and LNG ind.
• LPG and CNG Conversion kits
• Industrial and Medical Gases
• Cryogenic Systems and Equipments
• Storage systems, tanks and cylinders
• Pumps, Valves, Regulators and Pressure Vessels
• Injection and Installation systemsM
• Production Chemicals
• Safety and measuring systems
• Certification and software technologies

Why Istanbul?
“A World Capital” with a population over 17 million, located on a unique strategic geography… Istanbul is one of the world’s biggest trade centers and the capital of Turkey’s most industrialized and productive region. Turkey has been chosen by many foreign investors as a head office. Besides being the only city on two continents, which is the crossroads of trade and culture for over 3000 years, Istanbul was the capital of three greatest empires of the world as well, because it offers a unique combination of accessibility, variety and natural beauty. Istanbul actualizes 40% of GNP in Turkey. Beside the potential of production, consuming power of the city is the reason for the world to focus its interest on Istanbul as well. With its role of being the center for the country-wide trade, Istanbul is the leading city of the country for production and supply. The biggest portion of the production, import and export are actualized through Istanbul. It is the head of country wide trade for national and international enterprises. Istanbul stands out with the primacy of exhibition infrastructure, which enables the best circumstances for international organizations.

Gas Processing

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