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Education: 5
Experience: 20 years
Relocation: No

Industry Experience
20+ years Other

Career Objective

Seeking challenging position in the field of Mud Engineering where I can utilize my extensive skill and experience of last 24 years . To have International exposure in a multicultural and multi racial environment and in Deep Water Drilling

Professional Experience

Working as base supervisor for different Drilling Fluid Systems used for Western Offshore of India for drilling operations both in shallow and deep water encompassing various Mud System ( such as KCl Polymer, KCl PHPA, KCl PHPA Glycol, Synthetic Oil Base mud, Clay Free Non Damaging Drilling Fluid)
. Planning, introduction of new Technology, its execution and monitoring on day to day basis
. Able to provide technical support to proponents in Drilling and Workover Engineering in designing and formulation of cost effective Drilling and Completion fluids, drilling mud additives
. Trouble shooting of drilling rig problems related to drilling fluids should the need arise
. Introducing new technologies in drilling and completion fluids for extended reach, horizontal, multilateral wells and drain holes
2000 - 1995
Monitoring quality of Oil and Gas for maintaining optimum parameters in Onshore Installations. Monitoring of Effluent Treatment and Injection Water quality, maintenance at Water Injection and Effluent Treatment plants. Execution of Gravel Pack Jobs and Polymeric Water Shut Off jobs in sick wells.
1995 - 1990
Planning, preparation, monitoring and maintenance of various drilling fluid system which includes Dispersed and Non - dispersed mud systems, Inhibitive Water based mud system such as Salt System, CL CLS system, Polymer mud system and Double salt Brine systems for workover fluids
Independently designed mud system taking into consideration depth, formation &
pore pressure of the well
1990 to 1982:
Worked in one of the onshore wells with oil based mud system ( Hughes Black Magic Drilling Fluid system )

Treated mud to achieve the mud properties within the specified range
Maintained inventory record of all the mud chemicals throughout the course of the
Achieved perfect well condition by maintaining best mud/drilling fluid parameters with minimum cost
Worked closely with proponents, communicate effectively with field personnel.
Stuck pipe, torque/drag, high deviation torque, sloughing shale, caving hole, gas/sea water flow, fishing, lost circulation, carbonate/bicarbonate and anhydrite contamination,
fractured formations -total loss circulation., H2S gas, bit/stabilizer balling. High temp and High press well. Gas, hot water and oil kicks.


M.Sc. (Chemistry) in 1978,1 st class ( Gold Medalist )
B.Sc in 1976, 1 st class with distinction in Chemistry ( Geology , Physics ,
Mathematics )
Pre - Professional in 1974, 1 st class
. High School Certificate in 1972, 1 st class

Working Knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, Internet, E-mail


1. Operations of SAMEGA Mud Logging Instruments and Geo- Services Mud Logging
Units, 1985, M/S SAMEGA, Paris, FRANCE
2. Drilling Fluid Engineering, 1988, IDT, Dehradun
3. Onshore Oil Spill Response, 1993, IPSEM, Goa
4. Building Managerial Competence, 2001, MDI, Gurgaon
5. Stuck Pipe Prevention and Solution by Randy Smith, 2004, Mumbai
6. Helicopter Underwater Escape Training, 2005, Survival System India /Survival
Systems Ltd. Canada, Mumbai
7. Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, 2005, Naval Maritime Academy, Colaba, Mumbai
8. Elementary First Aid, 2005, Naval Maritime Academy, Colaba, Mumbai
9. Personal Sea Survival Techniques, 2006, Naval Maritime Academy, Colaba,

Additional Information

Presently working in Farsi Block at Persian Gulf from ONGC Videsh Ltd. (with H2S content of 1.68 %) with Drilling Fluid Services of MI Gulf Services
Worked in 6 % H2S Environment in Narimanam Field in Cauvery Project ( Southern part of India )
Worked in High Temperature (396 0 F) and High Pressure (11,800 psi) wells in Tapti Offshore Field (Western Offshore of India)
Worked, maintained and successfully run 18. 6 ppg mud for drilling wells in Tapti Offshore field.
. Worked with KCl PHPA, KCl PHPA Glycol, Synthetic Oil Base Mud, Non Damaging Drilling Fluid in Mumbai Offshore
. Worked in drilling of vertical, extended reach, horizontal, multilateral wells and drain holes.
. Have cultural sensitivity to freely mix with and relate to diverse nationalities at operations site and office environment

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