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consulting/senior cement engineer

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Education: 5
Experience: 20 years
Relocation: Yes - Internationally

Industry Experience
7 years Consulting Engineer
15 years Engineering
8 years Technician

Career Objective

provision of cementing expertise to thoroughly provide technical advice via studies to ensure the optimal well site conditions (via regular liaison with the drilling engineers.)

Professional Experience

Research Senior Cement Engineer (Well construction)
●Designed thermal slurries, prepared thermal slurry testing protocols, audited, and interpreted test results.
●Conducted development of thermal slurries with local ecomaterials and advised R&D proyects of nano and vitreous materials.
●Inspected, audited thermomechanical stability evaluation tests of slurries for Steam injection and In situ combustion projects in Halliburton and Baker research labs in Duncan and Tomball.
●Participated in research projects of preflushes development and evaluation.
Cement Specialist (Well construction)
●Supervised cementing operations of an Cyclic steam stimulation heavy oil well in Baghewala field, Rajasthan, India.
●Participated in design teamwork of SAGD and In situ combustion wells projects and supervised, inspected cementing operations in Bare field, San Tome, Venezuela
●Experienced in performing forensic cementing operations analysis of primary and secondary cement jobs.
●Conducted quality insurance inspections and audits as technical specialist in services companies cementing laboratory equipment and tests (API RP & ISO 9001-2000 standards), cementing mixing plants, warehouse, motorized field equipment, operation accessories and tools.
●Experienced in applications of low (microspheres and expanded polystyrene) and high (hemitite) density, antigas migration (silica fume, latex, PVA), mud to cement (slag cement), magnesium acid soluble and tensoactive cement slurries. Achieved 7 OMI course modules.
●Calculated, planned and performed casing, liner, scab liner (tie back repairing), kick off / lost circulation plugs cement jobs. Experinced using two plug, stab in methods, placing balanced and with plugcatcher cement plugs, interpreted evaluation logs as cement field engineer in differents gas, conventional oil and heavy oil fields around Venezuela.
Lab Technician (Well construction, Refining)
●Performed conventional and research oriented lab. test to drilling fluids.
●Performed conventional and research oriented lab. test to lubricanting oil base, grease, gasoline and asphalt.


.Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, (1990), National Military Force University (I.U.P.F.A.N). Caracas, Venezuela.
.Master of Valuation Engineering, (1996) Valuation of Real Estate, Machinery, Rural property, U.N.E.X.P.O University, Caracas, Venezuela.
.Technician in Chemistry. (1983) Technological Institute I.U.T. Capital Region, Caracas, Venezuela

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