FuelPositive Welcomes Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to Facility in Waterloo

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 4/4/2024, Location: North America

FuelPositive Corporation, a leading Green Ammonia Company (the "Company" or "FuelPositive") is pleased to announce it had the honour to welcome the Federal Deputy-Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Stefanie Beck, for a tour of its new facility in Waterloo Canada. This second visit from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture underscored the importance of FuelPositive's work, as it closely followed the highly positive visit of the Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Lawrence MacAulay.

During the tour and subsequent round table discussion, FuelPositive's team showcased its cutting-edge systems and upgraded facilities, providing insight into its transformative approach to lowering both the cost and GHG intensity of fertilizers and fuel.

"Deputy Minister Beck recently visited our team at our new facility during her visit to the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Our team offered her a warm reception and discussed the Company's clean technology solutions, including the production of Green Ammonia and its advantages for on-farm fertilizer and fuel use," stated Ian Clifford FuelPositive CEO and Board Chair.

Deputy Minister Beck was joined by Alec Nicholls, Director General, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Melissa Reginato, Senior Markets and Trade, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Hadley Carpenter, Regional Director, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, who was instrumental in organizing the visit.

"FuelPositive has the potential to transform Canada's green fertilizer and sustainable fuel sectors. Our technology embodies the spirit of progress and collaboration and showcases Canada's leadership in pioneering solutions that address pressing global challenges. We hope that we effectively communicated the urgency for the government to continue to support projects like ours, destined to improve farmers' quality of life," stated Luna Clifford, FuelPositive Chief impact Officer.

The governmental visit was a valuable opportunity for the FuelPositive team to engage in meaningful discussions with Deputy Minister Beck. The team addressed vital issues surrounding the resilience of rural communities and the challenges farmers face in today's evolving landscape. The team emphasized the importance of addressing the lack of predictability in farming, exacerbated by climate change, fertilizer shortages, and profound supply chain cost fluctuations.

FuelPositive's team highlighted how its technology stands apart from traditional fertilizer production methods in its superior environmental impact mitigation. Unlike organic fertilizers derived from animal agriculture or traditional synthetic fertilizers reliant on fossil fuels, both posing significant ecological and social challenges, FuelPositive’s Green Ammonia fertilizer is produced without utilizing animals or fossil fuels, offering many advantages over these current unsustainable ways of producing fertilizer.

FuelPositive's innovative approach not only distinguishes the Company in the market but also equips Canadian farmers with a long-term, reliable solution to enhance productivity and optimize resources, all while minimizing environmental harm.

As advocates for the agricultural community, FuelPositive eagerly awaits further dialogue and collaboration with the Canadian Government and its agencies to drive positive change. "As we embark on this exciting journey, collaborating with government entities holds immense potential to empower our farmers, address hidden challenges, and enhance the resilience of rural communities. Together, we forge a path towards sustainable agriculture, driving positive change and securing a brighter future for all stakeholders," stated Ian Clifford, FuelPositive CEO and Board Chair. "Thank you to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture for acknowledging our work and taking the time to understand how a decentralized, on-farm approach to fertilizer and fuel production can directly contribute to Canadian farmers meeting their greenhouse gas emissions mitigation targets. Having access to fertilizer as needed has a positive impact on optimizing farmers' yield and offers stability and security, both economically and socially. Decentralization is key for sustainable change," concluded Ian Clifford.

A pivotal moment during the Deputy Minister's visit was when Dr. Leith Deacon, FuelPositive's Rural Planning and Development Advisor, also provided his insight during the meeting. Dr. Deacon shared vital statistics with the Deputy Minister and her team, underscoring the urgent need for government leadership to ensure a viable future for rural and farming communities. "Leith's role within FuelPositive has been key in helping educate the team about what matters most to farmers: their priorities, immediate need for support, and challenges," stated Luna Clifford, FuelPositive's Chief Impact Officer.

A professor in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development in the Ontario Agriculture College at the University of Guelph, Dr Deacon is also a registered professional planner (RPP) and holds membership with the Canadian Institute of Planners (MCIP). His research focuses on governance, resiliency, mental health, planning, and policy primarily related to small, agricultural, and rural communities. Dr Deacon is the lead investigator of the Sustainable Community Planning Development Project www.sustainablecommunityplanning.com, with a goal to contribute knowledge to the field of rural planning and developing by examining the concept of resilience within small, agricultural, and rural communities. He has been an invaluable guide in FuelPositive's journey to understand the reality of farmers and rural communities today.

During the Deputy Minister Becks visit, Dr. Deacon emphasized the importance of mindful and targeted interventions to address the pressing challenges farmers face today, stating: "FuelPositive is working to give autonomy and control to farmers with their onsite, containerized, Green Ammonia production system. This system revolutionizes how farmers access fertilizers and, critically, offers much-needed long-term price predictability. Economic uncertainty is a leading contributor to poor mental health and increased anxiety in rural communities, both of which are directly linked to the high rates of suicide within Canada's farming communities. The FuelPositive system can potentially help reduce anxiety associated with cost predictability and support the long-term resilience of Canada's farmers."

Resilience manifests in various forms within a community's fabric. Social resilience speaks to the community's ability to support its members' well-being and inclusivity. Economic resilience focuses on adaptability amid unforeseen events, ensuring stability at individual and community levels. Environmental resilience centers on the community's capacity to absorb environmental changes with ease. Legislative/governance resilience encompasses long-term strategies that promote good governance, stability, and diversity through inclusive policies and transparent approaches. Together, these facets bolster a community's ability to navigate challenges and thrive despite adversity.

FuelPositive’s team is proud to be addressing all facets of resiliency and count on the governments of Canada, at all levels, to develop supportive legislative incentives and programs. "The decentralization of energy, fertilizer and fuel production is at the core of FuelPositive's innovative technology and should also be at the core of the Canadian transition toward a more resilient agriculture sector," concluded Luna Clifford.

Non-Brokered Private Placement
The Company is pleased to announce that it will offer (the “Offering”) up to 54,545,455 units (each, a “Unit”) by way of non-brokered private placement at a price of $0.055 per Unit for aggregate gross proceeds of up to $3,000,000. Each Unit will consist of one common share of the Company and one common share purchase warrant allowing holders to purchase an additional common share at a price of $0.07 for a period of sixty months.

The net proceeds from the Offering will be utilized for general working capital purposes with a focus on accelerating its various initiatives in the Province of Manitoba. In connection with completion of the Offering, the Company may pay finders’ fees to eligible third parties who have assisted in introducing subscribers to the Company.

In connection with completion of the Offering, the Company also intends to settle (the “Debt Settlement”) outstanding indebtedness of $56,000 owing to certain arms-length credits in consideration for the issuance of 1,018,182 Units at a deemed price of $0.055 per Unit.

All securities issued in connection with the Offering and Debt Settlement will be subject to a statutory hold period of four-months-and-one-day in accordance with applicable securities laws. Completion of the Offering and the Debt Settlement remain subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.

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