Blackline Safety Announces New $1.4 Million Deal to Protect 800 Water Utility Workers

Source: 4/4/2024, Location: Not categorized

Blackline Safety Corp., a global leader in connected safety technology, announced a new deal valued at $1.4 million with a water utility provider based in Australia.

“We’ve raised the bar in ensuring workers are safe while on the job—they’re protected because they’re connected.”

After commissioning a third-party analysis that named Blackline Safety devices the best lone worker solution on the global market, the corporation selected Blackline and their Australian Channel Partner to provide Blackline’s lone worker safety app, Loner Mobile, and G7c cloud-connected devices. The award-winning wearable G7c—with features such as SOS latch, fall and no motion detection, and real-time connectivity—provides a critical lifeline in case of emergency.

This is the latest in a series of deals Blackline Safety has announced with water utility providers in recent years. Blackline Safety devices currently protect half of the water and wastewater companies in the United Kingdom.

“Our devices are particularly well suited to the utility industry, including water and wastewater,” said Blackline Safety Vice President of International Sales, Peter Attalla. “People in these fields are at elevated risk when they go to work."

Utility industry workers face multiple hazards on the job such as gas exposures, confined spaces, potential falls, adverse weather, customer confrontations, and working alone in areas with limited cellular coverage.

“More and more utility companies around the world are opting for Blackline devices because they want the best to protect their people. We’re noticing that utility companies want this protection from a single provider who offers a turnkey solution with no expensive infrastructure or complicated setup—Blackline’s solutions tick all the boxes,” Attalla continued.

The provider also opted for three years of monitoring services by Blackline’s Safety Operations Center (SOC). Blackline Safety’s in-house SOC is available 24/7 and can respond to someone who needs help in seconds.

“Blackline products, combined with our SOC monitoring, set the standard for the safest lone worker solution on the market,” said Heather Melder, Blackline Safety Director, Safety Operations Center. “We’ve raised the bar in ensuring workers are safe while on the job—they’re protected because they’re connected.”

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