FuelPositive Announces Strategic Focus on Manitoba, Expanding Network and New Partnerships

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 4/18/2024, Location: North America

FuelPositive Corporation, a leading Green Ammonia Company is delighted to provide an update on the Company’s strategic commitment to Manitoba, as FuelPositive continues to expand its network and forge new partnerships.

“Manitoba is the future of global agriculture,” said Ian Clifford, FuelPositive's Co-Founder and CEO. “The combination of climate, freshwater access and Canada’s globally encompassing trade agreements means that Manitoba is becoming the global hub of agriculture and agri-tech. There is nowhere better in Canada to be in the business of farming.”

This update is the first in a series aimed at reinforcing FuelPositive’s dedication to the growth and development of Manitoba, Canada. With a clear focus on expanding its network, FuelPositive is ready to establish new partnerships that resonate with its mission, values, and most importantly, the needs of the Company’s primary customers – farmers.

FuelPositive is grateful for the invaluable advice and support provided by its esteemed advisors, whose guidance has been empowering the Company’s team to pursue opportunities that not only benefit FuelPositive but also contribute to the flourishing communities of Manitoba.

As part of this initiative, FuelPositive is thrilled to unveil upcoming partnerships that will bolster its presence and deepen its impact throughout Manitoba and beyond. These collaborations underscore FuelPositive’s unwavering commitment to sustainable growth and the creation of meaningful opportunities for local stakeholders.

“FuelPositive is dedicated to fostering positive transformation across Canada, with an initial emphasis on Manitoba. Our strategic concentration on this region signifies not only our profound faith in its potential but also our unwavering resolve to ignite progress," affirmed Luna Clifford, FuelPositive's Co-Founder, and Chief Impact Officer.

New Manitoba Farmer-Partner and FuelPositive Advisor: Chad Berry
FuelPositive is delighted to announce the appointment of its new Farmer-Advisor, Chad Berry. Mr. Berry partners in and operates the 12,000-acre Under the Hill Farms in Glenboro, Manitoba. Mr. Berry, a third-generation potato grower, has extensive experience in regenerative and sustainable farming practices.

Mr. Berry was introduced to FuelPositive by Dr. Mario Tenuta, Senior Industrial Research Chair in 4R Nutrient Management and Professor of Soil Ecology at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Tenuta researches the relationship between nutrient management and greenhouse gas emissions. As a FuelPositive’s advisor, Dr. Tenuta supports the Company's efforts toward the mitigation/elimination of on-farm nitrogen emissions and helps connect its team with Manitoba-based farmers and stakeholders. Dr. Tenuta is a world-renowned scientist who is well-connected to Manitoba and its farming communities.

“FuelPositive not only gives farmers more options for access to cost and supply stability, their strong initiatives in supporting farmers reducing their carbon footprint of food production, places Manitoba growers at a competitive advantage in a changing market looking to net zero models of farm operations," stated Dr. Tenuta. "Along with the FuelPositive team, I visited Chad's progressive potato and farm operation. Mr. Berry and his family were welcoming, and the visit was productive and insightful. Particularly, we explored how Green Ammonia production can be integrated with fertigation of crops."

As a leader in innovative agricultural practices, Chad Berry has adopted many regenerative practices, including reduced tillage by direct seeding into stubble, limiting soil disruption, mitigating wind-caused soil erosion, improving water infiltration, solar panels/energy installation, and being more efficient with fuel-saving through reduced fuel use. Under-the-Hill Farms is also being considered for one of FuelPositive's pilot systems to showcase the FP1500A, which includes the Aqueous Green Ammonia add-on module, currently being developed by the Company.

"We are thrilled to welcome Chad to the FuelPositive team," stated Luna Clifford. "Chad's deep understanding of the Manitoba agricultural landscape, coupled with his passion for sustainability and new technology, aligns with our vision for the future of farming. His expertise will help drive FuelPositive's mission forward."

"Any time we can find a new tool in the toolbox and utilize it to be more sustainable for future generations by controlling input costs and supply, we consider it," stated Chad Berry. "FuelPositive's technology would be an Ag-tech investment that can help create that control for us and countless other farmers," concluded Mr. Berry.

Mr. Berry is one of the farmers representing the Canadian Potato Sustainability Alliance. He is notable for his participation in developing programs as part of the Greenhouse Gas Evaluation Team.

Mr. Berry is also President of the Keystone Potato Producers Association in the Potato Marketing Association of North America. The Keystone Association represents approximately 85% of Manitoba's potato growers and significantly supports research to expand the potato industry.

Mr. Berry, alongside Dr. Tenuta, advises the Company on adapting its system output to farmers' needs, such as using Aqueous Green Ammonia as a UAN replacement in fertigation in potato farming. Berry's firsthand insights will be essential in guiding the Company as it adapts its systems to meet the unique and diverse needs of plant-based farmers in Canada.

"Chad Berry's invaluable insights are guiding us in customizing our solutions to address the unique fertilizer and fuel challenges faced by Canadian potato farmers. We eagerly anticipate collaborating closely with Chad to advance our mission of promoting sustainable agriculture practices," Ian Clifford stated.

"As we press forward towards a more sustainable future, we are thankful for the increasing support from farmers. Together, we are steadfast in our commitment to driving positive change in the agricultural industry and empowering farmers to flourish amidst a rapidly changing landscape," concluded Luna Clifford.

Media update:
FuelPositive is excited to announce a groundbreaking new initiative: expanding our creative team with the addition of talented photographers and graphic designers. The completion and shipment of our first On-site Green ammonia system mark a pivotal moment in our dedication to enriching our online presence and elevating the brand experience for our valued stakeholders.

With these skilled professionals joining our ranks, we are poised to revolutionize our digital platform, offering an immersive showcase of our team, cutting-edge systems, and state-of-the-art facilities. We strive to effectively showcase the cutting-edge innovation that defines FuelPositive through dynamic imagery and updated information.

This initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to transparent communication with our stakeholders. By providing a window into our achievements and milestones, we invite our audience to share in our journey and celebrate our collective success.

"It has been a privilege collaborating with the team at FuelPositive over the past few months. Capturing their progress has been an incredible experience, highlighting the dedication and hard work they've poured into their endeavours. I look forward to continuing to document FuelPositive's journey as they embark on this next phase of growth," stated Alexia Cina, one of FuelPositive's photographers.

"Alexia has meticulously documented our recent Ministry of Agriculture visits, the farmers' visit on April 10, and is currently capturing the shipping of our inaugural system from Waterloo to its arrival in Manitoba," stated Luna Clifford. "Her keen eye for detail has beautifully showcased this pivotal moment in our Company's history. We are thrilled to share more updates, including today's pictures of the shipping process."

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