FCL Successfully Tests Its Proprietary Lithium-Ion Battery Fire-Extinguishing Agent

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 5/28/2024, Location: Asia

Full Circle Lithium Corp. ("FCL" or the "Company") (TSXV: FCLI) (OTCQB: FCLIF), a USA-based lithium products manufacturer, reports that it has successfully tested its newly rebranded proprietary lithium-ion battery fire-extinguishing agent, FCL-X, with a global electric vehicle manufacturer (EV OEM) at its Georgia manufacturing meta plant and local fire department for the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA). These tests were monitored by the local Bryan and Glynn County Fire Departments in Georgia.

These testing opportunities are the result of the completion of three successful independent laboratory tests specifically targeting lithium-ion batteries, including those used in household electronics, electric scooters/ebikes, and electric vehicles (EVs). The three separate tests focused on different scenarios and environments to ensure the reliability and versatility of FCL-X and compared it to other leading battery fire-fighting agents including water (which is being used today by first responders on lithium-ion battery fires). These tests were conducted by an independent, accredited US-certified laboratory and included controlled laboratory settings and real-world simulations.

The successful outcomes of these tests validate the effectiveness of FCL-X in quickly, safely, and effectively extinguishing lithium-ion battery fires in an environmentally safe manner. According to the independent laboratory, in comparison to other leading agents, FCL-X was "orders of magnitude" faster extinguishing the lithium-ion battery fires, used considerably less agent, and limited the toxic smoke generated by these fires. FCL-X is unique as the FCL lithium engineering team developed it to specifically neutralize the complex chemical reactions that cause lithium-ion battery fires.

The EV OEM, GPA, and local fire departments have been diligently searching for an effective fire-fighting agent tailored to lithium-ion batteries. Based on their assessment, the FCL-X extinguishment performance was outstanding, requiring minimal clean-up and instilling confidence in preventing re-ignition. As a result of the success of the recent testing, FCL believes it's well positioned to immediately begin commercializing FCL-X.

Carlos Vicens, CEO of FCL commented: "There is a lack of lithium-ion battery specific fire-fighting agents in the market today and given the serious personal and business risks posed by lithium-ion battery fires globally, many participants in the EV battery chain, including first responders and EV OEMs, are actively searching for and testing various potential extinguishing agents. We believe that given the enormity of the risk posed by lithium-ion battery fires globally, the battery fire-fighting agent market is substantial and in its infancy. The proprietary FCL-X agent is uniquely effective for fighting lithium-ion battery fires and so represents an exceptionally large potential opportunity for FCL."

Tom Currin, COO of Full Circle Lithium, commented: "We have seen a considerable amount of interest from several different industries who are both concerned from a safety perspective and have not been able to find a safe and effective solution. As a part of our commercial roll-out strategy, we are rebranding our FCL lithium-ion battery extinguishing agent to FCL-X."

With the noted testing and validation of the FCL-X, FCL is now poised to enter the global market with its innovative fire-extinguishing technology. The Company's focus on lithium-ion battery fire safety aligns with the increasing demand for reliable fire suppression solutions in industries such as fire fighting, automotive, residential, energy storage, and consumer electronics. The United States, being one of the largest markets for electric vehicles and related technologies, presents a significant opportunity for FCL to introduce its FCL-X product.

Carlos Vicens, CEO of FCL commented, "We believe we are situated in an ideal geographic location as the state of Georgia is focused on the future of electrification with over US$20B in EV OEM related projects currently being built. This is an ideal scenario for the commencement of the commercial roll-out of the FCL-X".

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