Ma Yongsheng Went to Fujian Refining & Chemical to Supervise Production Safety

Source: 5/24/2024, Location: Asia

Ma Yongsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, went to Fujian Refining and Chemical to supervise production safety work, inspected the ethylene and reforming units of Fujian United Petrochemical on site, visited front-line cadres and employees, listened to work reports, and emphasized the need to take Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as the guide, bear in mind the earnest instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and take the opportunity of carrying out the theme action of "Remembering the Instructions, Being Grateful and Forging Ahead, Innovating and Developing, and Creating First-Class" and the Safety Management Improvement Year Action to strengthen responsibilities at all levels, take effective measures, and resolutely promote the continuous improvement of the production safety situation, and support the "two establishments" and "two safeguards" with practical actions.

While in Fujian, Ma Yongsheng attended the China-GCC Industry and Investment Cooperation Forum held in Xiamen.

Ma Yongsheng pointed out that to solve safety problems, we must solve ideological problems. We must thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions and important instructions on production safety, coordinate development and safety, and let the "people first, life first" safety development concept be deeply rooted in our minds and hearts and run through it all the time. We must always reflect on whether the lessons learned are profound, whether the willingness to solve problems is strong, and whether the rectification measures are precise and effective; always reflect on the root causes of the loss of red lines, the harm of empiricism, the lessons of ignoring risks, and the consequences of lax management, be highly alert in thought, always tighten the safety string, and truly focus on the word "strict", truly be strict to the point, and manage in place, to ensure the smooth operation of production and the safety and stability of the overall situation, and to ensure the high-quality development of enterprises with high-level safety.

Ma Yongsheng stressed that to prevent safety accidents, it is necessary to ensure that responsibilities are in place. We must grasp the key of "stimulating responsibility and implementing the responsibility system", implement it vigorously, and promote the continuous improvement of the safety production situation. Responsibility means "always worrying about it". We must dare to fight against bad phenomena in the field of safety production and not be afraid of offending people. We must dare to tackle tough problems and face them head-on. For areas with weak management, we must go to the site more often to find out the risks and hidden dangers and make corrections. Teams and leading cadres at all levels should take the lead in fulfilling their responsibilities, play a leading role in safety, and build a solid safety line of defense. The responsibility system must be sound and effective, and rigidly implemented. Fujian Refining and Chemical must fulfill its supervision and management responsibilities, and use strict assessments to improve the penetration of safety management and the execution of safety systems. Fujian United Petrochemical should take strict system implementation as a breakthrough, optimize KPI indicators, establish a clear orientation, and continuously consolidate professional management responsibilities.

Ma Yongsheng pointed out that to ensure inherent safety, management integration must be promoted. In operating Sino-foreign joint ventures, we must further increase our efforts in mutual learning, mutual reference, integration and mutual promotion to ensure that the management system adapts to the national conditions and corporate conditions and can be truly implemented. We must actively recommend our own good practices and experiences to foreign parties, and boldly absorb and learn from foreign parties' advanced management methods and operating concepts. We must make good use of the company's articles of association and the rules of procedure for board meetings, enhance communication and exchanges with foreign parties, and work together to promote the improvement of the safety production management system. We must study and improve the management model of joint ventures, comprehensively consider making good use of the group company's advantageous resources, and continuously improve the management level of joint ventures.

Ma Yongsheng emphasized that in order to achieve long-term peace and security, we must consolidate the grassroots foundation. The grassroots frontline is the front line to ensure safe production. It can only be strengthened, not weakened. We must work tirelessly and for a long time to strengthen the "three basics". We must do a good job in "people" work, assign responsibilities to people, and promote the overall improvement of safety management level through the continuous improvement of basic management level. We must effectively play the role of grassroots party branches as a fighting fortress, do a solid job in the ideological and political work of employees, enhance employees' sense of gain and belonging, and work together to ensure safety. We must organize a large-scale reflection and discussion among all employees, deeply analyze the problems existing in various professions and positions, implement specific rectification measures, and improve professional management capabilities and grassroots execution capabilities. We must use equipment maintenance to improve basic management levels and employee operating skills, and lay a solid foundation for the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

Ma Yongsheng pointed out that we should focus on production safety and annual goals and tasks, and make every effort to promote various key tasks. We should attach great importance to summer production safety, do a good job in flood prevention and disaster reduction, carry out in-depth risk and hidden danger investigation, strengthen the implementation of measures, and resolutely prevent accidents. We should do a good job in the overhaul of the whole plant, strictly manage contractors and direct operation links, especially in combination with the large-scale equipment renewal being deployed and promoted by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and in combination with the requirements of enterprise transformation and development, make scientific arrangements, and promote safe and high-quality development. We should better play the advantages of integrated refining and chemical industry, and accelerate the creation of new quality productivity. We should organize and carry out party discipline learning and education, promote the in-depth development of comprehensive and strict party governance, and transform political advantages into development advantages.

Relevant chief assistants, chief engineers and heads of headquarters departments participated in the supervision activities.

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