MARS Company Introduces Groundbreaking M3 Version 6 - MARS Ai

Source: 6/11/2024, Location: North America

MARS Company, a leading innovator in flow measurement and water meter testing solutions, is thrilled to announce the global release of M3 Version 6 – Ai integrated with M3-based artificial intelligence. This revolutionary upgrade integrates local machine learning artificial intelligence to set a new standard in utility operations, offering unparalleled advancements by providing real-time insights and actionable recommendations.

Version 6 – MARS Ai enhances tracking and customization with a superior data dashboard, seamless Mobile Data Sync, and advanced data visualization. It includes a unique savings model to estimate revenue recovery and operational efficiency savings, while MeterTrack features simplify compliance tracking and auditing. Improved reporting tools like Report Explorer ensure easy data extraction.

Four groundbreaking features are at the forefront of M3 Version 6 – MARS Ai:

- MARS Revenue Recovery & Operational Savings Model & Calculator - a unique savings model and calculator designed to estimate the revenue recovery and operational efficiency savings in dollars as a direct result of meter testing. It is essential to determine estimates that identify the quantifiable savings associated with testing to demonstrate the significant benefits of the testing process.

- MARS PowerQuery™ - empowers users with a superior data dashboard that significantly improves tracking capabilities. Offering advanced data visualization and deeper insights, MARS PowerQuery™ delivers unprecedented search features to easily access meter results faster.

- MARS MeterTrack™ - simplifies compliance tracking and auditing with enhanced data analysis. Custom meter testing plans, comparative analysis, and optimization tools make auditing more accessible and ensure users can effortlessly maintain compliance with AWWA standards. This feature ensures that utility providers can adhere to regulatory requirements while optimizing their operations. Now, as a utility provider, tracking a meter from out of the box through the life of a meter in the field has never been easier. The utility can tag each meter over the life of testing for quicker fact-based data.

- MARS Mobile DataSync™ - a feature that allows seamless data synchronization with VF-10 field testing equipment and test benches, ensuring consistent updates across different platforms.

Building on the foundation of Version 5, M3 Version 6 - Ai offers robust reporting and compatibility improvements. Tools like Report Explorer and Report Search History allow users to easily extract the necessary information, ensuring seamless data integration and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Additionally, advanced data visualization options enable operators to easily illustrate results and trends, facilitating the convenient sharing of insights.

Comprehensive industry compliance and training enhancements in Version 6 – Ai enable users to maintain AWWA standards and earn M6 manual compliance, including C715-22. MARS continues to set the industry standard by offering the only AWWA fully compliant C715-22 testing solution. These process optimizations provide easy-to-use tools that deliver insights quickly and accurately.

"We are incredibly excited to introduce M3 Version 6-Ai, a game-changer for water meter operations," said Dave Corey, CEO of MARS Company. "This revolutionary upgrade harnesses the power of a large language learning model to deliver real-time insights and actionable recommendations, setting a new standard in the industry. Our clients can expect unparalleled efficiency, compliance, and data management advancements. At MARS Company, we are committed to driving innovation and excellence in water meter testing solutions, and M3 Version 6-Ai is a testament to that commitment." The M3 Version 6 – MARS Ai is expected to be available in 3Q 2024. MARS Company will exhibit at the AWWA ACE24 Trade show from June 10 to 13, 2024, in Anaheim, California, at booth #2435. For more information about this innovative solution and how it can revolutionize your meter testing process, please visit our website at or contact our sales team at

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