CORMETECH and Ozona Partner to Advance Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Source: 6/18/2024, Location: North America

CORMETECH Inc. (“CORMETECH”) and Ozona CCS LLC (“Ozona”) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaboratively design, construct, and operate a full-scale carbon capture and sequestration (CCUS) system with integrated NOx reduction. This system aims to capture, transport, and sequester CO2 from flue gas generated by natural gas-powered engines. This pioneering CCUS project is expected to be operational by the end of 2025 and will be one of the first of full-scale systems to profitably capture and sequester CO2 from flue gas in the United States.

Ozona’s Expertise and Strategy:

Ozona stands out as a key player in the emerging CCUS space. The Ozona team has successfully permitted, designed, built, and operated CO2 injection facilities. This project aligns with Ozona’s long-term business strategy, emphasizing comprehensive solutions for CO2 capture, transport, and sequestration. The Ozona team brings extensive expertise in land and mineral rights, petroleum and chemical engineering, geology, geophysics, regulatory compliance, financing, and the construction and operation of pipeline and injection facilities—all critical components for successful CCUS.

CORMETECH’s Role and Technology:

CORMETECH, a global leader for > 30-years in providing innovative solutions to reduce NOx, CO, and VOC emissions, brings its advanced emissions control technology and cutting-edge, modular, PATHWAY™ CO2 Capture technology to the partnership:

Ozona’s selection of CORMETECH’s next generation modular adsorber technology over liquid amine systems is strategic. Here’s why:

Advantages of CORMETECH’s Next Generation Modular Adsorber Technology

-Cost Efficiency: CORMETECH’s solution significantly lowers the cost of CO2 capture compared to traditional liquid amine systems.

-Footprint: The technology boasts a smaller physical footprint, optimizing space utilization.

- Environmental Impact: CORMETECH’s PATHWAY™ technology avoids secondary air emissions and minimizes liquid/solid waste and water demand associated with other technologies. The system will also incorporate advanced NOx control.

- Operational Flexibility: The technology offers superior flexibility during unit start-up and shutdown.

This collaboration between CORMETECH and Ozona represents a significant step toward achieving profitable and sustainable CO2 capture and sequestration. As the project progresses, it will contribute to addressing climate change and advancing cleaner energy solutions.

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