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Schlumberger Introduces New While-Drilling Services for Improved Drilling Performance.

Source: 2/24/2005, Location: North America

Schlumberger today introduced its new-generation Scope* while-drilling services that dramatically improve drilling performance and well placement—leading to increased production. Scope services set new standards for reliability and data quality, while quadrupling the data transmission rate over the industry standard.

Three products comprise the Scope family of services. They are EcoScope* multifunction logging-while-drilling; StethoScope* formation pressure-while-drilling; and TeleScope* high-speed telemetry-while-drilling services.

"At Schlumberger we are always challenging ourselves to enhance the value creation we offer our clients," said Paal Kibsgaard, president, Drilling & Measurements, Schlumberger. "When applied to real-world drilling challenges, our clients will benefit from the reliability and data quality advances made possible by this step-change in drilling measurement technology."

The EcoScope multifunctional logging-while-drilling (LWD) service integrates drilling and formation evaluation sensors in one compact collar to deliver industry first measurements from a while-drilling service, including key drilling measurements plus unique measurements such as elemental capture spectroscopy and sigma. In addition, EcoScope provides more downhole information from a single collar than any other LWD tool. Drilling and formation evaluation sensors are integrated into one collar to increase efficiency and safety. The EcoScope service replaces the traditional AmBe source with a pulsed neutron generator.

Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC), formerly Japan National Oil Corporation (JNOC), and Schlumberger collaborated on a research project to develop logging-while-drilling technology that reduces the need for traditional chemical sources. Designed around the pulsed neutron generator (PNG), the EcoScope service uses technology that resulted from this collaboration. The PNG and the comprehensive suite of measurements in a single collar are key components of EcoScope that deliver game changing logging-while-drilling technology.

"Because of Japan's limited national oil and gas resources, our R&D activities are closely related to global industry needs and leading technology trends," said Tsuneo Shimamura, executive director, JOGMEC. "In this respect, international R&D collaboration and technical training are an integral part of our activities.

"JOGMEC has resources devoted to collaboration for developing new oilfield technology for use by Japanese oil companies and their affiliates," added Shimamura. "We are proud that this joint collaboration project has resulted in an LWD technology that is a first in the industry."

The StethoScope formation pressure-while-drilling service improves efficiency and reduces risk. During drilling operations, the StethoScope service provides formation pressure measurements accurately, efficiently and quickly–in less time than needed to make a connection. StethoScope direct pore pressure and mobility data can be used for fluid typing, reservoir pressure management, and mud weight control and optimization to avoid kicks and drilling delays.

Statoil recently used the StethoScope service in its Kristin and Gullfaks fields, among others, enabling early production and saving significant rig time.

"We use the StethoScope service for its quality, reliability and flexible integration with the rest of the LWD tools," said Harald Laastad, advisor geo-operations and data acquisition, Statoil. "Statoil has used StethoScope for 17 runs already, and the use of the service is increasing. Its flexibility allowed us to run it successfully in a variety of downhole environments including vertical to high angle deviations, high temperature/high pressure wells as well as in formations with both low and high mobility. We see great opportunities for this key technology in Statoil, especially in the production drilling environment."

The TeleScope high-speed telemetry-while-drilling service, when used in conjunction with the Orion* telemetry platform, increases data transmission rates fourfold, compared to the industry standard. The information that TeleScope delivers to surface improves drilling efficiency, reduces risk, optimizes well placement and ultimately increases production and recovery by providing a comprehensive picture of the downhole environment through real-time measurements from multiple tools.

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