NYEG Drilling Helps Develop the Marcellus Shale

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 5/2/2012, Location: North America

NYEG Drilling helps develop the Marcellus Shale, acquires new capacity through purchase of South Carolina company Brewerton company key part of equation in effort to garner new domestic energy sources April 20, 2012 - The Marcellus Shale, a 95,000-square-mile region stretching across New York, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio, contains an estimated 84 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable natural gas, the U.S. Geological Survey reported in 2011. Such a vast natural resource is sparking a flurry of business and industrial investment in the states where the shale is located, and is expected to trigger billions of dollars in economic impact in the regions where the natural gas wells are located.

An upstate New York Company, NYEG Drilling LLC, is at the forefront of the energy curve, and is expanding to meet the growing need of energy companies in the region.

Hydraulic Fracturing, the process used to collect the rich natural gas deposits, is a complicated venture for the companies that undertake to drill the wells. The wells bore down thousands of feet beneath the earth, and special drilling techniques are necessary to extract the natural gas. Once the wells are completed, they need to be connected via a complex gathering and transmission system, which includes lines as well as compressor stations.

"When a natural gas company is finalizing the routing of these lines, the company must be well-informed in the composition of the earth and rock," said Marc Cheney, vice president of NYEG Drilling. "Sandstone, limestone, shale, and multiple soil types all present complex drilling situations for natural gas companies, and they need to know the best way to proceed. They depend on us to provide them with accurate field data - safely and efficiently with the most modern equipment."

NYEG Drilling performs exploratory drilling and sampling down to specified depths to determine what lies beneath the surface of the ground. Such drilling can alert the pipeline teams to problematic formations hundreds of feet below the surface and can help determine the most effective means of dealing with individual subsurface challenges, Cheney said.

The company's scope of services goes far beyond Geotechnical drilling. NYEG Drilling provides a full range of environmental services including:
. Soft dig utility clearance
. Mud/air rotary
. Direct push (Geoprober)
. Rock coring
. Split spoon sampling
. Install monitoring and recovery wells
. Well development and well abandonment
. ORCR, HRCR, Regenoxt injection
"We specialize in completing projects on all terrains, including off road and water," Cheney said. "We own multiple over-the-road, ATV and specialty drill rigs, as well as a fleet of trucks, track and portable Geoprobesr. We offer quality service and safe operation to our clients."

The company operates in nine states and recently acquired EARTHCON Drilling & Construction in Greenville, S.C. "We are looking forward to expanding operations in the South Carolina region and bringing our full line of service offerings to the area," Jeffrey Grant, president of NYEG, said. "We can complete a wide range of projects that are vital to many industries in the engineering and energy fields." NYEG Drilling's clients include some of the largest environmental/Geotechnical engineering and consulting firms, municipalities, government entities, and energy companies currently operating in the United States. The company's fully trained, certified and screened employees are licensed to operate in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Company leadership has a combined 48 years' experience in the Geotechnical/environmental drilling industry.

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