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Scientific & Production Conference Held in Almetyevsk

Source: 9/11/2012, Location: Asia

The 30th All-Russian scientific and production conference on the subject "Environmental protection at the oil and gas facilities" is being hosted at the premises of the "Yunost" recreation base of OAO TATNEFT in Almetyevsk (Republic of Tatarstan) from September 10 to 12 of the current year.

It has been organized by the OAO TATNEFT, Scientific and Technical Society of the Oil and Gas Industry named after Academician I.M. Gubkin and the "Oil Industry" Journal.

Participating in the scientific and production forum there are representatives of OAO TATNEFT management, leading experts from oil companies of the Russian Federation, competent researchers of academic institutes and universities of the country, representatives of the federal and regional level authorities, research and design development institutions, as well as commercial environmental structures.

Before the event began the conference participants had familiarized with the exhibition of the Company's advanced technologies. The extensive exposition included stands demonstrating the results of implementing resource and energy saving programs, new developments of the Joint Stock Company's professionals in the field of complex architecture wells construction, construction of small diameter wells with application of wells' workover equipment, technology of wells dual completion and operation, enhanced oil recovery, utilization of associated petroleum gas for electricity generation and others.

The activities of OAO TATNEFT to ensure environmental safety are implemented in accordance with the Federal Law "On Environmental Protection" and meet all the applicable environmental standards and regulations taking into account the instruments of international, national and regional levels. It is implemented in accordance with the policy of TATNEFT in the field of industrial safety, occupational health and environment protection and as part of the prolonged environmental program of OAO TATNEFT designed for the period from 2000 to 2015, and is also based on the proactive vision of the Company of the need to improve the environmental situation within the territory of OAO TATNEFT, its subsidiaries and affiliates activities.

In addition to the environmental activities and performance of complex technical/ technological and organizational measures to ensure the environmental safety of crude oil production, OAO TATNEFT actively contributes to better health and environmental situation within the areas of the Company activities. A sizeable part of the activities is performed within the Almetyevsk Municipal District and the city of Almetyevsk.

The Company performs its work in the field of environmental protection closely interacting with the executive authorities of the Russian Federation and the Federation constituents, including the authorities entrusted with the functions of the State environmental control. In accordance with the environmental legislation requirements the Company performs the industrial environmental control for environment protection in the following major areas: air protection; waste management; rational use and protection of water bodies; management and conservation of mineral resources and land use, as well as natural areas of preferential protection.

The broad theme of papers presented at the conference will cover environmental issues of crude oil production and legal aspects of the environment protection in the development of oil and gas fields. The topics for discussion will include the issues of energy conservation and management of natural resources, the relationship between the companies involved in work execution, regulatory agencies and the public, departmental monitoring of the environmental components in the development of hydrocarbon deposits and others.

A three-day program of the scientific and production conference includes panel discussions and debates on the topics of the reports presented, as well as visiting the Company's production facilities related with the conference subject.

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