Entek Energy provides update on Niobrara Oil Play

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Entek Energy Limited is pleased to provide the following update on operations onshore in the Niobrara Oil Resource Play.

Slater Dome Federal 24-9 Well
The 24-9 well is producing consistently on pump at over 30 BOPD. The Company is pleased with the consistent flow rate from this single zone and notes the rate is being gradually stepped up through increasing the pump rate.

Battle Mountain 14-10 Well
The 14-10 well continues to produce on pump, from a single zone, and to provide valuable calibration of fracture stimulation results to log character, clay content and fracture density, which will allow more targeted completions in the future.

C&C Cattle 18-8 Well
The fracture stimulation of the C&C Cattle 18-8 well is scheduled for the 12th September. Again a single zone in the well will be fracture stimulated and evaluated.

There are four distinct hydrocarbon bearing zones within the Niobrara and additionally potential in the underlying Frontier Sandstone and Mowry Shale. All of these intervals have previously produced oil and gas from wells within Entek’s acreage position.

The Entek appraisal program is seeking to gain production characteristics from all four Niobrara zones. It is important to note that, in each well, each zone only represents a portion of the total Niobrara potential available from a vertical well (as opposed to a horizontal well).

The knowledge gained from the fracture stimulation treatments and resulting production from the vertical wells being tested will be integrated into the forward plan for appraising the play. These results are integral to the plays development and will highlight which zone or zones have the greatest potential for horizontal and vertical completions. The location map below shows the key wells in the area, in particular the three vertical wells drilled in 2011, which are being fracture stimulated this year, highlighted in black.

Entek’s Executive Director Trent Spry said:
“We are very pleased with results from the recent successful fracture stimulation treatments. The results from the current stimulations are being integrated into future frac design and well planning. The flow rates we are seeing from single zones in the two wells are consistent with our expectations. Both of the wells are showing good calibration with log character, clay content and natural fracture density, providing valuable information for future vertical and horizontal completion design.

In addition to our appraisal program significant activity is also being achieved in surrounding ground by neighboring operators. We note Quicksilver is well advanced into its work program which includes both vertical and horizontal wells and multiple frac designs. Occidental has joined the play partnering with Axia south of Entek’s acreage and are believed to have at least a 4 well horizontal program, while Shell is understood to be undertaking at least a 6 well program.

Shell has increased its land holding through the acquisition of additional land immediately adjacent to and on the southern boundary of Entek’s acreage where 3 wells have been permitted and the first horizontal well recently spudded.

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