New Brooks Instrument QUANTIM® Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

Source: 1/16/2006, Location: North America

The new Brooks Instrument QUANTIM® Coriolis family of low-flow products has been released. The Brooks QUANTIM QMBS meter extends mass flow measurement to very low flow ranges of between 0.001 kg/hr to 28.0 kg/hr. The new Brooks Coriolis sensor adds to the breadth of applications for Emerson's PlantWeb® digital plant architecture.

This new Brooks QMBS model is ideally suited for metering small amounts of fluids in batch dosing processes, and metering fluids in small volume liquid filling systems, among many other uses. It is effective in flow measurement verification in metering pump systems, providing a calibration reference for other flow measurement devices.

The QUANTIM sensor has the world's smallest Coriolis footprint on the market, at about half the size of the Brooks QUANTIM model QMBC meter/controller. The QMBS sensor allows more flexibility in tight spaces by giving the customer the option of installing a transmitter in a separate location, as far as 500 feet away. A Brooks QUANTIM QTA transmitter can be selected for this function, or the customer may use an alternate device if preferred. Transmitter digital communications include Modbus (sensor output, no transmitter required), FOUNDATION fieldbus, HART, and PROFIBUS PA.

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