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World's First Cordless Caplamp Series is Certified for Petrochemical Applications

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LED headlamps have become popular tools today. However, headlamp light is low and cannot meet high demanding applications. Most headlamps do not have weather-proof ability for outdoor applications. Oil & Gas industry has a high demand for an outdoor portable illumination solution – intrinsically safe, long distance light projection, high intensity, long duration, rugged enclosure and water-proof. Australian first headlight series offering all these features is available now.

The whole product series was initially developed as cordless caplamps against mining standards to meet the harshest underground mining environment. To introduce them into other industries, Roobuck modified circuits and certify them as “Ex ia IIC T4” for zone 0 and Group IIC hazardous areas, then name the products after Helmet Lamp & Torch series. Now oil and gas industry can take the advantage of mining light performance and mining quality for their own outdoor and indoor hand free illuminations.

These helmet lamps use Lithium rechargeable batteries, high power LEDs and IP67 enclosure. They are not only subject of mining specific tests during certification, such as drop test, impact test and water-dust ingress tests, but also have been verified by extensive field applications in most Australian underground mines for five years. They might be the toughest I.S. helmet lamps on the market.

Different from normal headlamps, a Roobuck helmet lamp is an individual unit attachable to Roobuck Cap Strap, rather than fixed on it. So it can be used as a separate unit as a small personal light. Therefore, these lamps cannot only be worn on any hard cap or directly worn on head, but also can be worn on the belt, clamp on an object, magnetically attached to a metal object or installed on a tripod. Roobuck also developed various accessories for various applications.

There are several models available. Heavy duty model is suitable for applications where high brightness and long projection are required. Lightweight model features lightweight and a wide beam. Lost cost model is suitable for cost sensitive applications. Rescue model has both normal beam and a beacon on back. Traffic control model not only has three colours for portable traffic control but also s normal light illumination. Multiple-pattern beacon model is a portable beacon includes three flashing patterns and two colours. This is the world's most comprehensive intrinsically safe helmet lamp or head lamp series. No matter you need a close-up illumination for repairing or long light projection for outdoor illumination, 20 hour long operation or short-period but powerful rescue operations, high-end powerful light or low cost solution, illumination only, signalling only or illumination plus signalling, you always can find a suitable model in this series for your particular application.

Each lamp comes with mains charger. Charging the lamp is as convenient as charging a mobile phone. Various other charging facilities are also available such as Vehicle Charger and Charging Banks in 8, 35 and 53 units. All charging facilities are available in all major electrical systems of the world.

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