US Oil Trade in February 2015

Source: OPEC 2/12/2015, Location: North America

In January, preliminary data shows that US crude oil imports declined to average 7.3 mb/d, down by 176 tb/d from the previous month and 239 tb/d or 3% below one year earlier.

US monthly product imports slightly declined from the previous month by 30 tb/d, while on an annual comparison they rose by 491 tb/d or 29%. In January, US product exports were 87 tb/d higher than one month ago, averaging 3.5 mb/d. In an annual comparison, product exports were lower than one year earlier by 303 tb/d or 8%. As a result, US total net imports dropped in January by 293 tb/d or 5% to average 5.6 mb/d, though remaining above the previous year’s level by 358 tb/d or 7%.

In November, the first and second suppliers to the US held their positions from the previous month, with Canada remaining the premier crude supplier to the US, accounting for 40% of total US crude imports, though the figure was down from a month earlier by 134 tb/d or 4%. Saudi Arabia – which maintained its position as second-largest supplier to the US in November – increased its crude exports to the country from the previous month by 188 tb/d. Mexico came in as third-top supplier, accounting for 12% of total US crude imports, up by 150 tb/d or 20% from the previous month.

Total crude imports from OPEC Member Countries were higher in November over the previous month, up by 264 tb/d or 11%, and accounted for 37% of total US crude imports.

US product imports from OPEC Member Countries were higher by 19 tb/d or 9% from the previous month and 33 tb/d or 16% from the previous year. Canada and Russia maintained their positions as first and second products suppliers to the US, accounting for 31% and 10%, respectively. Unlike the picture in crude imports, US product imports from Canada were higher in November from the previous month by 127 tb/d. Imports from Russia were down by 123 tb/d from one month earlier.

The United Kingdom came in as third-largest supplier to the US, with a stable share and volume compared with the previous month. The United Kingdom’s product exports to the US in November amounted to 92 tb/d. The greatest amount of US crude imported in November – averaging 2.9 mb/d – was sourced from North America, followed by Latin America, which averaged 2.4 mb/d. The Middle East came in as the third-top supplying region, with an average of 1.5 mb/d. Imports from Africa, Asia and the former Soviet Union (FSU) were all down from the previous month, averaging 305 tb/d, 22 tb/d and 35 tb/d, respectively, in November.

Regarding crude imports by PADD, the highest amount of crude imports to the US East Coast (USEC) in PADD-1 came from North America, followed by Africa, averaging 313 tb/d and 121 tb/d, respectively. North American imports were higher in November than one month earlier by 8%, while imports from Africa declined by 26%. Crude imports from Latin America and the Middle East also dropped from the previous month to average 83 tb/d and 89 tb/d, respectively.

As seen previously, imports from PADD-2 were mostly sourced from North America, which provided 1.8 mb/d, down by 201 tb/d from the high level reached the previous month. PADD-2 also imported small volumes from the Middle East, averaging 32 tb/d, up by a slight 2 tb/d from one month earlier. PADD-3 increased it imports from Latin America in November by 283 tb/d to average 2 mb/d. Imports from the Middle East were also higher in November, rising by 99 tb/d from the previous month to average 914 tb/d. PADD-4 only imported from North America, averaging 317 tb/d in November, up by 72 tb/d from the previous month.

The greatest amount of oil imported to the USWC came from the Middle East, which exported 537 tb/d to PADD-5 in November, followed by Latin America and North America, which exported 235 tb/d and 217 tb/d, respectively, the same month.

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