World’s 1st Qi Extended & Basic Power Wireless Testing Laboratory

Source: 2/19/2016, Location: Europe

Intertek Hong Kong recently held its grand opening ceremony of the world’s first testing laboratory for Qi extended/basic-power wireless charging. This was followed by a seminar on wireless charging. Qi, the wireless-charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), is a mature, open standard that enables transmission of electrical power without wires safely and efficiently. This standard has the widest global distribution and penetration.

Intertek Hong Kong is the first company in the world to be accredited by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) to conduct testing and certification services for both extended- and basic-power Qi products.

The event opened with a speech of welcome from Ms Christina Law, Chief Executive, North East Asia, Intertek. “I am proud to have achieved world no.1 status. This is not only a significant milestone for Intertek, but also for the assurance, testing, inspection and certification Industry in Hong Kong,” said Ms Law. “Intertek will continue to innovate and offer the best solutions to our customers.”

Though unable to attend the event in person, Mr Menno Treffers, Chairman of the WPC, congratulated Intertek on its achievement through a video link. “Intertek has helped many companies to make their products Qi compliant, and this has made a great contribution to the smooth and widespread adoption of Qi certification,” said Mr Treffers.

Ms Camille Tang, Vice-Chair of WPC, then represented WPC together with Ms Christina Law and Mr Daniel Yau, Vice President of Electrical, North East Asia, Intertek, in officiating at the opening ceremony of the world’s first full-range Qi lab.

During the seminar sessions, the latest technologies and trends on wireless charging were elaborated by Ms Camille Tang and Professor Ron Hui, Chair of Power Electronics at the University of Hong Kong. Mr Roger Fan, Senior Product Application Engineer at NXP Semiconductors and Mr Ryan Ng, Manager, Power Supplies, Intertek, provided overviews of the technology application and some points to note in terms of testing and certification.

The guests also had a chance to visit the Qi lab and see demonstrations of the Qi testing equipment. The event facilitated a valuable exchange between the different parties involved and marked the pioneering of a major new development in the industry.

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