The ANP Approves New Phase of Multi-Year Plan with Total Investment of R $ 1.24 billion

Source: 4/1/2016, Location: South America

The ANP approves the new phase of the Multi-Year Plan of Geology Studies and Geophysics Agency for the quadrennium 2015-2018, which foresees total investments of R $ 1.24 billion. Are R $ 820 million in budget shares (which depend on the availability of financial resources by the Federal Government) and R $ 420 million in non-budgetary actions (projects that can be undertaken by the private sector or research and development resources).

Among the projects are planned new seismic surveys in the basins of Parnaiba, Parana and Parecis, which together total 26,000 km of linear two-dimensional seismic data. Of these, 12,000 linear km have already been hired and are already running in the basins of Parana and Parecis. The new frontier basins of Parana and Parecis are also provided aerial surveys gravimetric and magnetometric, totaling 200,000 km linear.

The plan also includes the exploratory well drilling in pre-salt; Construction Rocks Centre and fluids of the ANP, in Duque de Caxias; studies Environmental Assessment Sedimentary Area (AAAS); the drilling of stratigraphic wells in the basins of Parecis and Parnaiba; and projects focused on coal gas research and other unconventional resources.

In the first stage of the multiannual ANP Plan (2007-2014), were invested R $ 1.1 billion in geochemical surveys, seismic, gravimetric and magnetometric, magnetotelluric, stratigraphic well drilling and processing of seismic data acquired previously to the creation of the ANP .

The main results of the Multi-Year Plan 2007-2014 include the expansion of the geological and geophysical country data collection, as well as significant advances in knowledge of the Brazilian sedimentary basins. These encouraging data acquired by ANP are public since the acquisition and are available on Exploration Database and ANP production (BDEP) for the oil industry, society and the educational and research institutions.

The Multi-Year Plan itself as an indispensable tool for the selection and evaluation of areas for rounds of ANP bidding, especially for the new frontier basins. These data supported the geological selection and evaluation of areas offered in Rounds 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

Also featured deserve the result obtained in the Parnaiba Basin, poorly studied before the program's investments and became a successful producer of gas after the 9th Bid Round. Currently, the Parnaiba Basin has ten natural gas fields, three in the production phase and the other in development, being the second largest producer of natural gas in land of the country.

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Related Articles: Formation Evaluation  General  Geological, Geophysical  Geophysical Contractors  Mud Logging  Reservoir Engineering & Recovery Methods  Seismic survey  Well Completion, Logging, Workover 

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