ENAP Authorities Presents New Plan Quintero Terminal Enhancements

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 6/17/2016, Location: South America

General manager of ENAP, Marcelo Tokman , met with the mayor of Quintero, Mauricio Carrasco , the mayor of the Region of Valparaiso, Gabriel Aldoney and energy ministers, Maximo Pacheco , and Environment, Paul Badenier , to publicize the investment plan and environmental and operational improvements that will make the company at the Maritime Terminal of Quintero.

This Improvement Plan includes investments in the short, medium and long term. In the short term, ENAP contracted consultancy WorleyParsons to review the initiatives that have been developed since 2014, investing around US $ 22.4 billion and whose focus is on making safer the current terminal.

In addition, as of this date, these measures will be strengthened by new initiatives and safety control terminals, according to the recommendations of WorleyParsons, which will deliver its first report by the end of June.

Among the measures that are underway or to be implemented in the short term include:

- Control and prevention measures: the installation of a new System Maritime Traffic Control, a Weather Station, New flexible housing in four double type terminals, and a new system of rapid connection and disconnection of flexible, among others.

- Control and safety measures in specific course of SPM, which include the renewal of equipment. Prevention measures barges: double hull requirement for all tank barges customers and installation of flexible double shell and quick coupling.

- Strengthen the agreements signed with local fishermen since 2015, known as Fire Sea, which considers the inclusion of fishermen Quintero, Horcon and Windows in emergency plans and environmental monitoring ENAP.

The plan, meanwhile, seeks to identify measures medium and long term that will allow modernize the infrastructure of the Maritime Terminal of Quintero and implement best international practices in operation of marine terminals.

During the second half of this year an update of the organizational structure to better cope with contingencies in the terminal will be made, and the program of implementation of best international practices will begin under the standard and recognition of the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and Implementation with Shell Global Solutions.

ENAP also made international recruitment of an engineering study to propose the appropriate configuration to modernize the infrastructure of the Terminal, considering all available technologies for transferring fuel safely. For this tender, to international business experts will be invited to maritime solutions, such as WorleyParsons, Moffatt & Nichol, Ultimate Marine Consultants, PRDW and Baird.

After the meeting, the General Manager of ENAP, Marcelo Tokman said: "We have informed the authorities of the measures it considers our plan to improve the Maritime Terminal of Quintero. We know there are gaps and we are taking. We are taking care to make a safer terminal and reinforce our commitment to the community Quintero ".

He added that "we have defined as a top priority to make all changes necessary background to operate with greater efficiency and accountability."

After the meeting, Marcelo Tokman expressed interest in continuing the dialogue on the table Governance Quintero, to deepen understanding and progress of the various measures implemented ENAP plan.

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