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The Value of Understanding Your Well

Source: 6/7/2017, Location: Europe

It has been 14 months since READ Cased Hole (READ) launched its innovative logging technology ZeroTime® to the market. As a logging-while-working solution ZeroTime® facilitates precision diagnostic data to be acquired during high-force mechanical interventions. By integrating into almost any Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA), the solution eliminates the need for standalone logging runs, simplifying well interventions and delivering critical decision-enabling answers in a significantly reduced timeframe.

I recently travelled to the United States on a trade mission on behalf of READ and was very interested in the range of scenarios in which the ZeroTime® solution could add value to operations, particularly fracking operations.

The majority of US frac work is conducted with the “plug and perf” approach, which is inflexible and ultimately tends to deliver wells that show a much steeper decline rate and severely underperform when compared to their own predictive models. Wells delivered using the sliding sleeve system however add much needed flexibility, improved efficiency and ultimately give operators more control and the option to close and reopen selected intervals as needed over the life of the well at very low cost. It is also a much quicker system compared to the plug and perf approach, however, if the operator cannot guarantee the status (is it open or is closed?) of the sleeve before and after each fracking job, real holistic understanding of the operation is not truly possible.

Both oil and gas shale wells started before 2010, which are still active struggle to achieve annual decline rates below 10%. Even though a typical shale well produces almost half of the ultimate recovery during the first five to six years of well lifetime, a terminal decline assumption of 10% could lead to 15%-20% lower EURs compared to the pure hyperbolic decline profile. (Oil and Gas Financial Journal, August 2016)

Whether deployed on slickline, coiled tubing or drill pipe, ZeroTime® technology integrates straight into the BHA using standard connections, maintaining tension, compression, torque and pump-through characteristics.

Adding ZeroTime® technology to the multi stage frac BHA would ultimately give operators the confirmation and confidence they need regarding the sliding sleeve position. Integrating the solution is extremely cost efficient, robust, and would not add any additional operating time to the operation.

The assembly requires no special treatment and can be kept at the well site for the duration of campaign activities. READ’s specialist engineers are able to mobilize on demand, as and when required, for each well in the sequence and have the ability to perform on-site analysis using bespoke software applications to deliver detailed and to-the-minute down hole intelligence. It is this data, which operators can use to assess the effectiveness or inefficiency of interventions and enable rapid, decisive decision making to enhance their next move.

For instance, ZeroTime® would provide operators with detailed intelligence on undesired propant flow to zones they would not want to stimulate or the ability to ensure zones that are producing undesired fluids are indeed closed off.

Over the next coming months, READ is working to expand its technology portfolio available to the market by introducing a Pulsed Neutron offer which will enable high definition reservoir evaluation and characterisation, including Sigma and Carbon-Oxygen as well as Waterflow techniques to look for flow behind casing. With easy integration into a ZeroTime® carrier, this technology will offer operators the ability to understand their reservoir while increasing their operational efficiency by cutting down unnecessary runs in hole.

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