How to Supercharge SmartTrak Mass Flow Controller with Compod

Source: 6/12/2017, Location: North America

Streamline, simplify and save time and money by plugging the innovative Compod upgrade into the face of any SmartTrak 100 mass flow meter or controller. SmartTrak is not only a true multi-gas digital mass flow controller, it can control your process too.

If you need more functionality to control a positive shutoff valve, have a pulse output, or read a pressure transmitter, that is no problem with Compod. It is also programmable by the user. Set up simple process control systems driven by SmartTrak without the need for PLCs or computers.

Daisy chain multiple mass flow controllers to network multiple instruments using open-source fully network-enabled multi-drop RS-485 / Modbus RTU. Upgrading your SmartTrak MFC with Compod adds two digital output channels and one analog input channel and a configurable pulse output channel to allow functions of much more complex systems at a fraction of the cost.

Compod acts as a vital link in your more complex process control network. It monitors the operation of instruments and provides potential problem alerts. Send and receive data and even perform data logging and diagnostics that notify users of valve faults or system upsets.

Compod is available with a local LCD display for local monitoring and flow totalization and can be used with new instruments or added to existing models. Sierra provides free Compod software or you can write your own using open-source MODBUS protocol.

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