Maersk Convincer Takes Over Contract from Maersk Completer

Source: 6/26/2017, Location: Asia

Jack-up Maersk Convincer, currently finalising its five-yearly Special Period Survey (SPS) yard stay in Singapore, will be taking over a contract from its sister rig, the Maersk Completer, currently operating offshore Brunei.

The Maersk Completer is on contract with Brunei Shell Petroleum, and has been since November 2008. Before long, the Rig is scheduled to have its five-yearly Special Periodic Survey (SPS) yard stay, which means that operations for Brunei Shell Petroleum would have to be suspended while Maersk Completer conducts the yard stay, resulting in a delay in the drilling programme of about 45-60 days.

In order to limit impact to the customer’s drilling programme, and to reduce cost for both parties, Maersk Drilling is re-activating the warm-stacked Maersk Convincer, an identical Baker Marine 375ft jack-up. Maersk Convincer is currently finalising its own five-yearly SPS yard stay, and will be ready to leave for the field and take on the remainder of the work scope in August 2017.

“Our number one priority is to deliver the safest and most efficient drilling operations to our customers. This also means limiting any interruptions to their programmes, resulting in costly delays. Therefore, following a close dialogue with Brunei Shell Petroleum, we have agreed to put Maersk Convincer in operation for the remainder of the contract,” says Peter Dansen, Vice President and Asset Manager for International Jack-Ups in Maersk Drilling.

The current contract is scheduled to end in October 2018, however, Brunei Shell Petroleum have options to extend the contract up to a total of three years. Maersk Convincer will take over operations once Maersk Completer has finalised current batch drilling operations.

Crew to ensure continued high performance

All the crew members currently working on Maersk Completer will be transferred to Maersk Convincer as part of the rig exchange. This will help ensure a smooth transition and start-up for Maersk Convincer.

“Maersk Completer and its crew have done a fantastic job when it comes to delivering a safe and efficient operation. We need to keep that momentum going, and we will ensure to do so by keeping the same great crew on board. Everyone on board knows the drilling programme and our customer very well, which is key in carrying out a complex project like this one,” says Dansen and continues.

“This also means that the Maersk Completer is currently without a contract, but with an excellent track-record behind her, we are hoping to secure work for the Premium Jack-Up very soon.”

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