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Sonatrach Group 2030 Strategy

Source: 9/13/2018, Location: Africa

Sonatrach is really accelerating in the last third of 2018 with the organization of information days on "investment opportunities for Algerian companies", which were held from 9 to 10 September at the Center. Conference of Abdelatif-Rahal, concluding with the signature of two framework agreements and five contracts with national public and private companies.

And this is happening on the eve of the visit of the Minister of Energy, who is, precisely, accompanied by the CEO of the Sonatrach Group in Tlemcen. On site, there was the launch of the extension of the Pedro Duran Farell Pipeline (GPDF) from Beni-Saf to El Aricha. And this is the opportunity for the CEO of Sonatrach to present the strategy of the national oil group by 2030. The signing of an agreement between Sonatrach and the football club WA Tlemcen, as well as commissioning Natural gas fireplace supply projects are also on the agenda.

Thus, it is really important to underline this very strong gesture of the company in its strategy of national integration in the oil and gas industries.

Regarding framework agreements, it is useful to note this overall amount of about 36 million DA. Thus, the first agreement was signed with the Imetal group, for the realization of services for the benefit of the structures of Sonatrach and its subsidiaries. The second framework agreement was signed with Algérie télécom satellite (ATS) to provide Sonatrach with the rental service and subscriptions to the geolocation and fleet management system of the group and its subsidiaries.

On the other hand and concerning the signed contracts, there is the one signed with the company Alfapipe, which will provide tubes with a diameter of 48 inches and a total length of 203 km, for the project of extension of the Transport System by pipeline GPDF (Pedro Durant Farrel).

There is also this contract signed with the Cosider-Enac Group, for the construction of a pipeline of 48 inches in diameter and 197 km long, for the El Aricha - Beni Saf section of the GPDF pipeline transportation system. As for the third contract, it was signed with Enie for the supply of solar panels for Ordovician wells, part of the Ordovician field development project.

Creation of a database of sub-contracting national companies

Moreover, the results of these days of informaiton on the Sonatrach, the national group of the hydrocarbons counts well to create a database including all the national companies, public and private, wishing to subcontract for the company.

This was also announced by Sonatrach Group CEO Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour.

This database will be formed as domestic contractors get in touch with the oil and gas company through an e-mail address made available to them, Ould Kaddour told a news conference.

Indeed, during the second day of this meeting, an email address:, was presented to participants. It was set up specifically to collect the questions, grievances and needs of economic operators, with a view to strengthening the interaction between them and the oil and gas group, in the service of strengthening integration in the oil industry. . This link will also allow Sonatrach to advise, guide and explain its needs to these operators to get them to perfect their offers of goods and / or services.

Following the establishment of this database, a prequalification of national companies able to provide the equipment and services required for the company's activities will be carried out.

Other results of these days of Sonatrach

In addition, it should be noted the new procurement procedure to allow Sonatrach Group to fully integrate the promotion of local content in its projects, which will be shortly operational.

During this meeting, the panelists highlighted the priority given by Sonatrach to the delivery, on time, of its orders in terms of equipment or implementation of installation.

This priority imposes, sometimes, considering its stakes for the company and for the economy of the country as a whole, the choice of foreign suppliers to the detriment of the national operators which nevertheless Sonatrach aims to encourage and to have as partners.

It is in this sense that the panelists called on the entrepreneurs present among the assistance to make more efforts in the direction of the development of their offers and their effectiveness.

Thus, the Director of the production-exploration activity at Sonatrach level, Rachid Hachichi stressed the importance of the availability of national subcontractors in the upstream oil field calling on entrepreneurs to present, as part of of the public procurement procedure, of "good" technical offers.

But it should also be noted that contractors have noted the delay that Sonatrach accuses in the payment of its bills, a delay due, according to the panelists to the mass of bills to be paid by the department in charge of the task within the company , this one working "with the whole world".

At the end of the day, the presentation of the conclusions of the various round tables held on Tuesday was presented to the audience.

These findings include the need to "change behaviors and strengthen communication with business". This restitution also revealed the need for the organization of a business combination and the setting up of joint-ventures, as well as the need for the completion of development projects by business line or segment.

In the same way, it became necessary, at the end of the work of this meeting, that the national companies take actions to take charge of the construction of the equipment and the complex installations through the mode of grouping of companies or partnerships .

It has also proved necessary for national suppliers to deliver their orders to Sonatrach in a timely manner and that Sonatrach does not delay in settling its invoices so as not to "financially suffocate" national operators, among other recommendations.

Encouraging figures from Sonatrach
To show the evolution of the Sonatrach group, it is worth recalling the latest export sales, announced that is the $ 16 billion between January and the end of May 2018 against $ 14 billion during the same period This was announced by the Minister of Energy, Mustapha Guitouni, who noted a rise of 14.3%.

Regarding oil taxation, it reached 1,190 billion dinars at the end of May 2018 against 995 billion dinars during the same period of 2017, up 20%, said the Minister at a Day of information on the energy balance national.

Referring to the exploration activity, the minister said that 17 new explorations were recorded at the end of May 2018 against 14 at the end of May 2017, which will consolidate oil and gas reserves.

From the Sonatrach 2030 Strategy
Sonatrach Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdelmoumene Ould Kaddour said a month ago in Bejaia that the SH 2030 strategy will allow the national oil group to consolidate its position among the five major oil companies worldwide.

"This new strategy will allow Sonatrach to move to another stage in its development," said Ould Kaddour who was speaking during the presentation of the group's 2030 development strategy (HS 2030), headquarters of the pipeline transport unit of the Hydrocarbon Transport Corporation (STH).

A feasible leap thanks to the assets available to the group and the capitalization of its human potentialities and capital acquired experience, but which, to do so, requires a serious reform of the group's human resources. "

In this regard, he indicated that "fundamentally, the year 2019 will be for the group that of the implementation of the process of human resources reforms with the adoption of a larger and more elaborate strategy to better manage the interests. of the group ". And still on the development of the group, the CEO of Sonatrach spoke about the law on hydrocarbons, whose revision, he argued, "is more than a necessity". "We are living in a phase of global economic transition, marked by the persistence and recurrence of crises and we must anticipate things at the risk of being overwhelmed," he argued, adding that "a new law that will protect our interests, those of the group and the country, is an imperative ". (the Maghreb, the daily newspaper of the economy)

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