New Regulation for Helideck Installations

Source: 10/28/2020, Location: Europe

Applies to all offshore installations, fixed and floating, and all vessels in Norwegian waters

New revised requirements for all helideck installations.
Norwegian authorities have passed a new regulation that applies to all offshore installations, fixed or floating, and all vessels in Norwegian waters.

The new regulation entered into force 1 July 2019.
The regulation contains new requirements for storage of video and radio communications connected to the helideck operations. The new requirements have to be in place no later then 1 January 2021. Time is running short in order to meet this requirement!

Through our partner Jotron as we have the pleasure of offering you a well-proved solution. The Richochet SmartOil has been used in civil land-based aviation a number of years, and has proven it selves to be a reliable recording device. It has been adapted to suit the new regulation in all respects.

NORSOK T-101 describes the requirements
- Provisions to record all communications related to aeronautical operations at the installation
- Provisions to record audio from selected telephones
- Provisions to record all video related to aeronautical operations at the installation
- Replay and timestamping of the recordings
- Management system for configuration and testing
- User access control

Enable storage of the data to server for at least 30 days

SmartOil meets all these requirements
The system is scalable and delivered readily assembled in a 9U rack, allowing for easy installation and local adaptation. The system will undergo a FAT at the factory, ensuring the highest quality and reliability. IKM Instrutek ¨has trained personnel with the necessary helicopter certificates, enabling us to offer installation and configuration, both offshore and onboard vessels.

Key features for Smartoil:
- A well proven system
- Meets all requirements in NORSOK T-101 ED-137 VoIP standard and ICAO recommendations
- Manufactured in Norway by high-end manufacturer
- Supported from Norway in both English and Norwegian

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