Transneft Western Siberia Commissions Petroleum Products Examination Laboratory

Source: 1/13/2021, Location: Asia

Transneft Western Siberia has commissioned the petroleum products examination testing laboratory at the Sokur line operation dispatcher station (LODS) in Novosibirsk Region.

At the new testing laboratory, petroleum products quality control will be carried out in the volume of acceptance and routine tests of motor petrol and diesel fuel transported from the Omsk refinery via the Omsk – Sokur petroleum products trunk pipeline to the LODS, for further petroleum products shipment by railway transport and their delivery to the Sokur oil depot.

Laboratory equipment will expand the list of analyses performed. In addition to determining the concentration of iron in motor petrol, laboratory assistants will be able to analyse the presence of 2 more metals, manganese and lead. This will allow to provide services for transportation and supply of petroleum products to consumer companies at a high quality level. The laboratory’s infrastructure and functions are integrated into Transneft’s Unified Laboratory Information System (ULIS) which is currently implemented at all branches of Transneft Western Siberia.

The laboratory provides specialised rooms for acceptance and routine tests, chromatography research methods, a warehouse for retained samples storage. The building is equipped with modern intake and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning systems to maintain the microclimate as per industrial safety requirements and industrial safety standards. Special-purpose equipment, explosion-proof refrigerators, was installed in a retained samples storage warehouse. Separate storage facilities for standard samples of petroleum products, reagents, materials and flammable liquids were also equipped.

A separate room for motor petrol octane numbers determination tests was provided. In the future, a modern unit for diesel fuel cetane number determination will be installed in the same room. This equipment will be used for the first time at Transneft Western Siberia testing laboratories.

Construction was carried out as part of the comprehensive programme for revamping the Sokur LODS’s onsite facilities. The goal of the programme was a complete upgrading of the station's industrial infrastructure as per industrial and environmental safety requirements.

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