PETROPERU Restarts Operation of the North Peruvian Pipeline

Source: 1/3/2021, Location: South America

The North Peruvian Pipeline (ONP) restarted its operations in its sections I and II, after being paralyzed since September 28, 2020, and after the government regained control of the facilities of Station 5, in the Loreto province of Dátem del Marañón.

This way, the pumping of crude from Station 5 to the Bayóvar Terminal (Section II) was restored; previously, on December 28, 2020, pumping had started from Station 1 to Station 5 (Section I); while the North Branch is also operational. Prior to the restart of activities in the ONP, cleaning, fumigation and maintenance work were carried out in Station 5, as well as the inspection of the equipment.

This commissioning is carried out with the guarantees of strict compliance with the biosafety protocols, contemplated in the PETROPERU COVID-19 Surveillance, Prevention and Control Plan, in order to ensure the health of its workers, contractors, clients, suppliers and neighboring communities. In this sense, all workers have passed medical controls and the Covid-19 discard test is applied, among other measures. Similarly, there are specialized personnel in the area for permanent medical surveillance.

During this period, maintenance work continues on the pipeline at kilometer 323 of the ONP, near the Santa Rosa community, in the Manseriche district of Dátem del Marañón.

The ONP crosses the three natural regions of the country and five departments: Loreto Amazonas, Cajamarca, Lambayeque and Piura. It is 1,106 kilometers long, of which 854 kilometers correspond to the main pipeline (sections I & II) and 252 kilometers to the North Branch. Its function is to transport crude oil from the production fields of the Peruvian jungle to the Bayóvar Terminal located on the north coast of Peru.

Considered a critical national asset, the ONP makes viable the enhancement of oil from the Peruvian jungle, which at the same time allows the generation of the oil canon, for the benefit of local and regional governments from which this natural resource is extracted. Hence the importance of maintaining the sustainability of the ONP's operation.

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