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JGC Receives Order for First Plastic Waste Gasification Recycling Plant

Source: 1/18/2021, Location: Asia

JGC HOLDINGS CORPORATION announced that JGC CORPORATION, which operates the overseas engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) business of the JGC Group, recently received an order for a feasibility study toward realizing the first plastic waste gasification recycling plant in South Korea, which is being planned by a major South Korean chemicals company.

This project involves carrying out a feasibility study relating to the construction of a plant for achieving plastic waste gasification recycling (with a capacity of several hundred tons a day) by utilizing EUP*, which JGC Group holds the relicensing right to. The plastic will be gathered from plastic waste sorting facilities in a dozen or more locations in South Korea, and will comprise mixed films and the plastics that remain after sorting, which are challenging to recycle. The results of the feasibility study are scheduled to be compiled by around first quarter of 2021.

Currently in South Korea, single-material plastic waste with a high degree of purity such as PET bottles, polyethylene and polypropylene are recycled using cleaning treatments and similar mechanical recycling methods. However, because of the difficulties in recycling mixed films and residue plastics, which contain a variety of materials and impurities, they are currently disposed of at landfills or by incineration. Consequently, building a framework for reusing these resources is a pressing issue within South Korea.

EUP, which the Group proposed to the major South Korean chemicals company, makes it possible to break down mixed films and residue plastics, which until now have been thought of as difficult to reuse, to a molecular level. This contributes significantly to promoting the recycling of resources. The synthesis gas produced by gasification facilities can be utilized as an alternative raw material for chemical products, and by undertaking a refinement process it can even by utilized as low-carbon hydrogen. EUP will thus not only contribute to realizing a recycling society, but to realizing a hydrogen society as well.

JGC Group is intent on actualizing an "Societies in harmony with environment" as one of the important issues (materiality) that it is addressing as a corporate group, and is undertaking broad-ranging initiatives from the three standpoints of "constructing plants and facilities that contribute to reducing the burden on the environment," "manufacturing functional materials supporting carbon reduction and conserving environment," and "the commercialization of environmental technologies."

Going forward, the move toward resource recycling is projected to accelerate further worldwide. JGC Group is engaging in promoting gasification recycling of plastic waste by proposing gasification facilities for waste plastic, such as the one mentioned above, and facilities for manufacturing chemicals using the synthesis gas produced by the gasification facilities, as well as hydrogen production equipment that uses plastic waste as a raw material.

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