Chiyoda Agrees MOU with Mitsubishi & Blue Planet

Source: 2/5/2021, Location: Asia

Chiyoda Corporation has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) and Blue Planet Systems Corporation (Blue Planet) to accelerate the development and commercialization of Blue Planet’s technology to produce CO2- sequestered aggregates.

Blue Planet has been developing the technology to commercially manufacture aggregate, a raw material for concrete, by immobilizing CO2 contained in exhaust gas as calcium carbonate, since its founding in 2012. MC is providing financing to Blue Planet (press release dated 23 September 2020) and has entered into partnership with Blue Planet to commercialize the technology.

The development of carbon recycle technologies to recover CO2 as a resource is central to reducing CO2 emissions, an important measure against climate change. By applying its knowledge of engineering and chemical engineering in particular, Chiyoda will participate in a planned project to demonstrate the technology in Silicone Valley, California, towards the establishment of the technology and commercialization.

Chiyoda is also progressing initiatives in the synthesis gas field (*1) and in the electrolytic reduction field (*2), toward the realization of a carbon recycling society.

Comment by Dr. Brent Constantz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Planet:
“Blue Planet and Chiyoda intend to collaborate together on the commercialization of Blue Planet’s carbon mineralization technology. Chiyoda is Mitsubishi Corporation’s engineering partner and Chiyoda’s diverse engineering experience will enable Mitsubishi to rapidly commercialize Blue Planet plants, by capturing and permanently sequestering Gigatons of CO2 annually in the form of synthetic limestone aggregates for concrete”.

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