Understanding Various Kinds of Fixed Cutter Oil Drilling Bits

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 3/29/2021, Location: Europe

Oil drilling bits are essentially categorized as roller cone bits and fixed cutter bits. Like the name suggests, fixed cutter bits do not have any moving parts and thus, the cutting elements as well as the bit body rotate one side. Roller cone bits, on the other hand, have their cutting edge mounted over three rolling cones. Roller cone bits are also referred to as tricone bits.

Fixed cutter bits are mainly categorized as

- PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) Bits

Available in a variety of strengths, PDC have a polycrystalline synthetic diamond which makes drilling efficient. Over the years, the PDC bit has emerged to play an essential role in the oil & gas drilling industry. These bits drill by shearing and are considered to be better than the tricone bits. The high performance PDC bit designs help the bottom to hole better.

- TSP (Thermally Stable PDC) Bits

Composed of some artificial diamond, TSP drilling bits are not very preferred as the bonding material used in these bits loses its stamina under high temperature.

- Diamond Bits

Mostly used in abrasive structures, diamond drilling bits are preferred for their hardness and longevity but have a slow penetration rate. Diamond bits require high RPM to perform efficiently.

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