Use the GEHO Heat Barrier Pump When Operating Under High Temperatures

Source: 3/31/2021, Location: Europe

GEHO® it’s a brand synonymous with quality pumps, exceptional materials, and unmatched levels of service. When you buy a GEHO® pump, you gain over 100 years of innovation. In 1916, when the Holthuis family acquired a foundry and machining factory, it was the start of a family legacy that not only revolutionised pumps but led to the breakthrough development of the GEHO® pump in the 1950’s. It is this decades long experience and expertise in pumps that has made us leaders in the industry. The first generation of high temperature pumps originated in 1990, since then we have redesigned and developed our product into what is one of the most innovative solutions for pumping under high temperatures – the GEHO® heat barrier pump.

What is the GEHO® heat barrier pump?
Designed to be utilised where acidic and corrosive slurry is pumped at high temperature, you’ll find the GEHO® heat barrier pump commonly used in the nickel and gold autoclave industry. It is a crankshaft driven piston diaphragm pump which has been engineered to withstand temperatures between 150° Celcius and 250° Celcius - as well as the intense pressure and corrosive nature of this environment.

Why use a GEHO® heat barrier pump?
The autoclave is a key element of the plant as it plays a significant role in the final product output. For operators it is important that the autoclaves are kept operational and continually producing, however the abrasive nature of the slurry means that all parts that come into contact with it are subject to wear and corrosion. The GEHO® heat barrier pump’s unique design features ensure that the number of parts exposed to the slurry are minimal and the downtime for maintenance is reduced.

In the GEHO® heat barrier pump there is the unique combination of a separator, a cooler, and a diaphragm section - where hot slurry is cooled and any contact with the pump’s moving parts is eliminated. It is these unique design features which make the pump the most reliable on the market. When pumping, the slurry enters the pump through the suction valve and flows out via the discharge valve. Both valves come into direct contact with the hot corrosive slurry and have been specifically designed for this arduous duty.

The separator section prevents the hot slurry from directly exchanging heat with the slurry in the cooling section, thereby minimising the amount of cooling capacity required. In large pumps this is done by a free-floating separator disc that follows the piston and diaphragm movement. The heat exchanger, in the cooling section, then cools down the slurry and prevents hot slurry from coming into contact with the diaphragm.

The diaphragm separates the slurry from the pump’s moving parts, ensuring that these parts only have to be maintained at predictive intervals of 8000 hours, which is usually once per year. When you use a GEHO® heat barrier pump the only wear parts that need to be replaced are the valves and separator.

The unique slide mounted power end
As with all equipment exposed to high heat there is expansion which requires consideration in the pump design. Our highly trained engineers developed a unique solution only found in the GEHO® heat barrier pump. The power end is slide mounted which enables the full pump to slide backwards a few millimeters when it expands. This prevents pump piping from bending, and eliminates undue stress and the formation of cracks. It maintains the integrity of the pump without using expansion seals that are subject to premature failure. Suction and discharge air vessels are also installed to compensate for the flow and pressure pulsations generated by the pump - and ensure vibrations of the pump and connected piping are minimised. GEHO® pumps can provide support with piping pulsations analysis and provide you with recommendations for a reliable and trouble-free operation.

Synertrex® technology for optimal performance
Weir Minerals have developed Synertrex®, an intelligent analytics platform, which can easily integrate into your system. This enables us to monitor your equipment and deliver real time data about the performance of your pump. With an advanced level of understanding, we are notified of any potential issues and can facilitate any predictive maintenance that is required – so that your equipment is performing at its best consistently.

Manufacturing quality and continual development
All of our GEHO® heat barrier pumps are manufactured in our facility in Venlo. We have strict quality control over every stage of manufacturing and comply with Western European and International standards.

Our team of in-house engineers are continually striving to improve the design of our wear parts. We work closely with our customers to determine their exact needs and process conditions, so that we can find an optimal and customised solution.

The Weir Minerals advantage
When you invest in a GEHO® heat barrier pump, not only do you receive high performance equipment, but you also gain the support of our local technical field adviser and the wider support of our global service network. We ensure that all of our customer sites with GEHO® pumps are supported year-round, with access to wear parts from local stock. Our team know the importance of the pump in the process section and we endeavor to keep your plant running and in production.

Our aftermarket service is second to none and something we take very seriously. With a strong customer-oriented approach, our team is focused on building long-term relationships with our customers. We believe in preventative maintenance and also providing fast response times to your maintenance issues. No matter what time of day it is or the size of your problem, our team will always be there to support you and find a suitable solution.

As the supplier with the biggest install base worldwide, you can be sure we know what we are doing, with dedicated teams in all areas of the globe ready to support you when you need it.

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